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Removing Weeds before Plugging a Leaking Dam

Q. I have a leaking dam, full of weeds. Should I treat the weeds before using Dam Stop Leak?


Logically you would think that you should get rid of the weeds before treating a leaking dam. But we recommend that you treat the dam first.

The reason for this is that if you treat the weeds first, they will die and settle on the bottom of the dam – if your leak is in the bottom, then Dam Stop Leak will not be pulled into the cracks as the dying weeds on the bottom will stop this from happening. Because of the matting that they will create on the bottom of the dam, in effect creating a barrier.

If your weeds have taken root in your dam walls and floor, then we also do not recommend pulling them out either. By doing this you could potentially create more cracks and sometimes large ones. Dam Stop Leak will struggle to fill large holes especially if there is nothing to bind to and the earth has become extremely loosened through digging these weeds out.

So, treat your dam first with Dam Stop Leak ensuring that there is clear water for the product to be able to enter into the water body.

Once your dam is sealed and has stopped leaking, then you can treat the weeds.

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