How to treat Azolla & Duck Weed together

Q. Can you please ID these two weeds on our dam?


The weed circled in blue is Azolla, which turns reddish as it matures. The weed circled in orange is duckweed.

The treatment method for both of these is to use an approved aquatic herbicide like our AQ200 + Wetting Agent. Please note that with AQ200 a strict 10-day withholding period applies, after which the water is perfectly safe to use for irrigation, livestock, pets and swimming.

1L of AQ200 + 500mL Wetting Agent will cover between 250m2 – 500m2 of surface area. Once diluted according to the label instructions, spray evenly across the water surface while getting good coverage of the weeds. Ensure to use clean town/tank water when diluting the AQ200.

You should see noticeable results in 7-14 days following treatment.

To order AQ200 + Wetting Agent, please visit here.

by Aquatic Technologies
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