Elevate Your Fish Pond's Health with Our Premium Treatments

Fish Pond Treatments

Aquatic Technologies has the right solution for you. Our team will assist you in identifying the right treatments for your water quality issue, tailored specifically with fish in mind.

Algae Suppressants

Suppress and reduce algae in your fish pond and maintain a healthy environment for your fish. Our fish pond products have been formulated with the safety of fish at the forefront of our minds.

Water Clarification

Find solutions to improve the clarity of your pond, allowing you to watch your fish in a crystal clear environment.

Let us help you with your fish pond needs.

Does your fish pond have a green tinge? Is there sludge and slime growing over your rocks and waterfalls? The team at Aquatic Technologies can help you find a solution to tackle these water quality issues and maintain the health of your pond long term.

We don’t just supply – we inform, too. Find out everything you need to know and get the tools you need to get the job done, all under one roof and online.

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Algae Control

Aquatic Technologies has a solution to reduce your current algae problem, and suppress it from coming back in the future.

GreenClear Pond will tackle your existing algae along your pond edges, rocks and waterfalls, all the while ensuring your fish are completely safe. Once you have minimised your existing algae issue, our Barley Straw products work to inhibit algae growth and suppress algae from returning.

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Improve water clarity

If you are seeking a long term solution to manage the health of your fish pond, Aquatic Waterbac is your answer. Harness the power of natural bacteria to improve overall clarity and reduce odours. Beneficial bacteria helps to remove excess nutrients from the water and is entirely safe for fish, in fact, your fish will love it!

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