Target the root cause of algal blooms

Targets excess phosphates for better water quality

Phoslock™ developed by the Australian CSIRO, is a lanthanum modified bentonite material that permanently binds phosphate where it becomes a part of the natural sediments.
  • Permanently binds excess phosphate
  • No need to remove after application
  • Significantly improves water quality
  • Developed by the Australian CSIRO
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Greatly reduces the likelihood of toxic algal blooms
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Designed by Australians for use Worldwide

Phoslock™ is suitable for large or small water bodies and is safe to use where fish are present, stock drink from and irrigation dams.
Permanently binds excess phosphates
Improves overall water quality
Reduces algal blooms
Environmentally friendly

In A Snapshot


Permanently removes Phosphates from the water column

  • 20kg treats 80m2
  • Lanthanum modified bentonite material
  • Binds Phosphate that can cause algal blooms
  • Significantly improves water quality
  • Refresh your waterbody
  • Professional results

How It Works

Prevents Algal Blooms

Many types of harmful algae feed on Phosphate. Phoslock permanently binds phosphates to limit algal reproduction. If left untreated, high levels of phosphorus in your water can cause devastating algal blooms that may damage the environment and cause serious health hazards to humans and animals alike.

Reset the Ageing Clock

Phoslock™ offers unrivalled technology in resetting the eutrophication clock (the ageing process) of your body of water, by removing excess Phosphates. Phoslock™ effectively binds phosphates that then become part of the natural sediment of the bottom – so there’s no need to remove them after application.


Phoslock™ will continue to absorb phosphates released from the sediment and new phosphorus inputs until it is saturated, giving you long-lasting effects and a healthier water body.

Recurrent algae issues?

If you experience frequent algal blooms it may be a sign you have high nutrient loadings which directly impact the growth of algae. Phoslock™ offers unrivalled technology in permanently binding excess phosphates that can drive harmful algal blooms. Keep your pond in harmony with Phoslock™.

Why are Excess Phosphates an Issue?

In excess, phosphates can contribute to prolific growth of both algal and aquatic plant species. Large amounts of either species can contribute to the degradation of water quality through changes both physical and chemical such as: changes to pH, reduction in dissolved oxygen, covering of surface waters resulting in limited light availability, and toxins released from harmful algal blooms posing serious health risks to humans and animals.

  • Easy to apply
  • Non toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Binds Phosphates and becomes a part of the natural sediments

How much do you need for your body of water?

Phoslock™ is applied at a rate of 20kg treats 80m2 of surface area
Use The Calculator To See How Much You Need


Phoslock™ Application Rate

Applied at a rate of 25 kilo grams per 100 meters squared of surface area.
Product Size Coverage
5kg 20m²
15kg 60m²
20kg 80m²
Half Pallet (525kg) 2,100m²
Pallet (1,050kg) 4,200m²