Weed harvesting services now available for hire.

The team at Aquatic Technologies is here to help you get rid of your aquatic weeds. No matter how big or small your aquatic weed problem is – we offer world-class aquatic vegetation removals and harvesting services led by our experts.

Our dedicated team tackles aquatic weed problems both big and small, with state of the art techniques that work and weed removal tools designed to give lasting effects.

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Manage your waterways with the help of our experts

Getting rid of your aquatic weeds has never been easier. We specialise in waterway management and maintenance for ultimate water clarity and health, offering you long-lasting solutions to keeping your body of water lively for longer.

We offer:

  • Aquatic plant and weed harvesting services, including collection, removal and containment
  • Algae removal services

Dams, lakes, lagoons, ponds – our team knows just how to revive any body of water in all the right ways. Whatever the problem is you’re facing and whatever the size of your water body, our professional staff are trained to provide tailored water treatment solutions that last.

We get the job done using a wide range of leading products and vehicles that can tackle even the largest aquatic weed infestations. Our array of specialised equipment spans weed harvesters to amphibious harvesters, algae-skimming and removal watercraft to spray boats and more. We target the problem, provide a solution and maintain the results.

From the latest in boat-to-shore transfer conveyors to aquatic harvesters and amphibious craft, we use nothing but the best tools of the trade. Our fleet consists of versatile amphibious harvesters (ideal for shorelines and water of any depth) to large aquatic harvesters of up to 10 meters.

The harvesting and mechanical removal of aquatic weeds is our go-to approach in giving your water a whole new appearance and clean bill of health.

Mobitrac: The Amphibious Harvester that goes everywhere

Where any standard aquatic harvester stops, the Mobitrac 8000 AU goes on…

The Mobitrac amphibious harvester can go absolutely anywhere. Through land, water, mud, beaches and swamps alike, this amazingly versatile and powerful harvester gets to the root of your aquatic weed problem immediately. It works by cutting, harvesting and collecting aquatic weeds from your body of water. What’s more, is it can also excavate, dredge and de-silt your waterways.

The Mobitrac 8000 AU:

  • Moves through land and water
  • Reaches hard-to-access areas like retention ponds, wetlands, river embankments, canals and more
  • Rotates on its axis for ultimate movement in tight spaces
  • Is extremely gentle on sensitive areas of land and water
  • Harvests floating, emergent, submerged and shore weeds
  • Is compact for exceptional manoeuvrability
  • Is simply one-man operated
  • Does not require cranes for lifting
  • Does not require shore conveyors
  • Is cost-effective
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