Algae Skimmer

Easy DIY Solution for Removing String Algae

Instantly remove Filamentous Algae from your dam

Algae Skimmers by Aquatic Technologies make short work of clearing up blanket, filamentous and string algae. Get instant results and keep your water body clear and healthy.
  • Instant results
  • Easy DIY solution
  • Ecologically benign
  • Removes macro algae with ease
  • Available in two sizes
  • Lightweight and simple to use
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Physically Remove Filamentous Algae

Algae Skimmers can be used on any body of water
Use on mild to moderate filamentous algal growth
Tailored mesh suited to picking up macro algae
Toss skimmer from the bank - no need to get wet
Instant results

Choose your size

Algae skimmer 95cm

Small and compact
Removes a pathway 95cm wide

Lightweight and easy to handle
Great value for smaller dams and ponds

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Algae skimmer 152cm

Large and efficient
Removes a pathway 1.52m wide

Covers a larger area faster
Good for larger ponds and dams

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How It Works

Simply toss the skimmer into the water from the bank.
The bottom bar will sink and the top bar will float creating a half circle. Pull the skimmer back towards yourself.
Grab the four ropes and pull the skimmer out of the water. Dump the algae into a wheelbarrow for disposal.

Advantages of physical removal

  • Removes extra nutrients caused by the breakdown of rotting algae thereby reducing the likelihood of future blooms.
  • A dense coverage consumes a lot of oxygen leaving little left for fish and other aquatic organisms.
  • Avoids fish kills by ensuring adequate oxygen levels remain.
  • Removes habitat for breeding mosquitoes.
  • Easy to use
  • Ecologically benign alternative to traditional algaecide treatments
  • Specifically designed for Algae