Algae Skimmer 100cm

Algae Skimmer 100cm


Removing algae from your pond doesn’t have to be a pain – make it simple with this super practical Algae Skimmer!

• Instant Results
• Simple to use
• Easy to store
• Makes algae more manageable by physically removing nutrient loads
• Increased efficiencies of spray application such as Coptrol Aquatic Algaecide


Available in two sizes: 100cm and 1.52m

Designed to make algae removal quick and painless, the Algae Skimmer is easy to use, safe, and now comes in two sizes: 100cm and 1.52m. Remove unsightly (and harmful) algae infestations and increase the effectiveness of the algae-controlling products you use with this handy skimmer. Partial removal of alga can do wonders by ramping up the effectiveness of algaecides, like Coptrol.

How does it work?

It’s simple – partially removing algae from your body of water can speed up the treatment process when used in conjunction with algaecides. This happens because manually removing algae decreases the nutrient load that it holds. Additionally, if you skim your algae, you can also use smaller amounts of your algaecide, like Coptrol. 

With each sweep, the Algae Skimmer’s tailored mesh screen scoops up algae easily. Each time you skim the water, simply lift it out of the water and it will trap what it’s gathered. This means you’re not just moving algae around – you’re trapping it too for easy disposal later. Perfect for cleaning up small to medium-sized bodies of water, the Algae Skimmer is a must-have in your algae control arsenal.

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Please Note – Colour of mesh may vary


How To Use

How do I use it?

Easy – throw the mesh skimmer into the water you want to treat and slowly pull on the rope to gather the algae. For the health of others and your environment, it’s best to dispose of the gathered algae immediately after use.



Is the removal of floating algae hard?

Aquatic Technologies Algae Skimmers are simple and easy to use. Simply toss the skimmer onto the water’s surface and drag it back to you using the attached rope. Easily pull the skimmer out of the water and dump the algae into a waste bin. The skimmer is designed so that the algae is effectively held in place while skimming and easily slides out when discarding.

Do I need to get into the water to use the skimmer?

No. Our algae skimmer can be used from the edges of your water body, meaning you don’t have to get wet to remove any algae

How can I speed up the algae removal process?

Using an algae skimmer before applying algaecide is an efficient and effective way of removing algae.

What can I use to remove the top layer of algae from my pond/dam?

An algae skimmer is an efficient and effective way of removing algae from the water’s surface.


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