Aquatic Weed Rake

Aquatic Weed Rake


Easily and efficiently free up your pond, dam or lake from pesky aquatic weeds with our Weed Rake.

  • Instantly remove debris from your water body
  • Extendable pole
  • Floating rope to easily pull rake in
  • No need to get wet, simply toss the rake from the shore line


Aquatic Weed Rake

A super simple and highly cost-effective weed control tool, the Weed Rake is a must-have for those who want to clean up their aquatic weeds in an instant.

The longest and widest aquatic rake on the market today, this simple weeding tool lets you clear ponds, dams, lakes and more in a way that’s easy and totally safe to use.

Now you can clean up your water and pull those pesky stems and roots out – all without needing to get in the water yourself. Removing these roots and stems can effectively slow (even eliminate) the regrowth of aquatic weeds. Refresh your water’s surface and remove the organic material at the bottom of your pond that can contribute to new algae growth. Take care of the seen and unseen problems in your water, all with the super simple Weed Rake.

Weighing just under 3.1kgs, this lightweight rake is best used in conjunction with the Aquatic Razor.  These tools work best in unison, as you can collect the cut vegetation after the Razor does its job. Get the instant results you’re after with this must-have combo.

Removing common weeds like Water Lilies with attached stems can be tricky. The Weed Rake makes short work of pesky stems and roots with its easy-to-use and highly effective function.

With the Weed Rake, you can:

  • Keep your lake, dam or pond-front free from floating water weeds and debris
  • Collect large mats of floating debris with the super-sized rake head easily
  • Clean your dam, root up weeds and remove muck
  • Remove decaying organic matter from unseen areas, like the bottom of your pond
  • Weigh the hollow rake head down with rock to dig deeper or fill with floating material for a lighter touch
  • Pull weeds in


How To Use

How to Use: 

  • Give it a throw
  • Let it sink
  • Pull it in
  • Repeat

The Aquatic Weed Rake comes in a box that is 5.1cm x 12.7cm x 99cm in size. This handy rake features a four-section handle that snaps together, giving the user up to 3.3 meters of reach and comes with a whopping 13 meters of rope.

Clean up your weeds from surface to bottom – all without you having to get into the water!





  • Aquatic Weeds


Aquatic rake vs regular rake:

Why you should use our aquatic weed rake over a regular rake when dealing with aquatic vegetation:

Aquatic rake – floating rope attached, extendable pole so you can pull in weeds from up to 15m away. Super-sized rake head.Designed to be used in aquatic environments.



Safe For

Safe For








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