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Improve your water quality with Beneficial Bacteria

Aquatic Waterbac™

Waterbac Transperant 500x500

Aquatic Technologies Is Trusted By Leading Water Management Bodies


Improve your water quality naturally

Aquatic Waterbacby Aquatic Technologies restores the natural bacteria in your pond
to help you achieve cleaner water.

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    Breaks down muck

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    Aids in removing excess nitrogen and phosphorus

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    Keeps foul odours at bay

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    Safe to use around fish, pets and livestock

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    Naturally occurring aerobic bacteria

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    Comes in water soluble sachets

Harness the power of natural Bacteria

Where can we use it?
Aquatic Waterbac™ is best suited to fish ponds, ponds and small dams


Helps break down detritus

Helps break down detritus and accumulating muck that causes foul odour


Reduces likelihood
algal blooms


Can improve
water clarity


Beneficial bacteria is an essential part of your aquatic ecosystem

In a Snapshot

Aquatic Waterbac™


25 x 10g water soluble sachets
10g treats up to 1,000L


Waterbac Transperant 500x500

How does Aquatic Waterbac™ work?

Prevents Algal Blooms

Beneficial bacteria break down algae's main food source: phosphates and nitrates. By depriving algae of these nutrients they are unable to reproduce in large numbers.


Keeps Water Clean

Beneficial Bacteria restrict algal growth in your pond, keeping visual clarity in the water. They also break down harmful substances like ammonia and nitrites that come from fish waste. They keep foul odours at bay by reducing the muck layer that accumulates at the pond bottom. Their presence results in a balanced,
healthier pond.


Safe and Eco-Friendly

Beneficial Bacteria occur naturally in the environment. They are an essential part of the food web as a food source for benthos and zooplankton, which are food for fish and other aquatic life.


Safe for Fish

Aquatic Waterbac™ will not harm your fish, in fact it is strongly recommended to add beneficial bacteria to your fish keeping routine. A healthy balance of good bacteria in your pond helps keep it clean and healthy.

Proper Application of Aquatic Waterbac™

Beneficial Bacteria are living organisms and require oxygen to survive, therefore it is important to ensure your pond has natural aeration and if not one should be installed.
When applying Aquatic Waterbac™ it is important not to dilute it in chlorinated tap water as chlorine can kill the bacteria.
If your pond is really dirty it is essential you clean and aerate it prior to adding beneficial bacteria.

Easy to use
Soluble sachets
Ecologically friendly

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