Muck Breaker

Break free of your muck problems


2-in-1 Muck Reducer & Water Clarifier

Muck Breaker utilizes a select proven combination of natural occuring bacteria, trace minerals and enzymes.
  • Breaks down muck
  • Target problem areas or treat whole water body
  • Removes foul odours
  • Safe to use around fish, pets and livestock
  • Naturally occurring aerobic bacteria
  • Comes in water soluble pucks
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The Safe and Easy to Use Muck Remover

Muck Breaker is best suited to large ponds, dams, lakes and shorelines / shallow waters
Easy to use - simply toss tablets in water
All natural & environmentally friendly
Restores water clarity by lowering suspended organics
Can be used in large ponds, dams and lakes

In a Snapshot

Muck Breaker

2.7kg (24 Tablets)

Suitable for large ponds, dams, lakes, (greater than 50cm water depth).


Muck Breaker

10.88kg (96 tablets)

Suitable for shorelines, shallow waters, (less than 50cm water depth).

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How does Muck Breaker work?

Breaks Down Muck
Breaks down organic matter and other sources of muck, including algae’s main food source. Once the muck is digested by the special blend of bacteria contained in each puck, it is released as a safe and odourless gas.
Keeps Water Clean
Eats away at muck that settles at the bottom of dams and ponds over time, while slowing down the accumulation of new muck. Muck Breaker can remove up to 5cm of muck each month when applied regularly.
Safe and Easy to Apply
Applying Muck Breaker is as easy as tossing the pucks evenly across the waterbody. The use of probiotic bacteria means Muck Breaker is safe to use in water used for fish, pets, livestock and irrigation.

Safe for Fish

Muck Breaker will not harm your fish, in fact it is strongly recommended to add beneficial bacteria to your fish keeping routine. A healthy balance of good bacteria in your pond helps keep it clean and healthy.

  • Easy to use
  • Soluble tablets
  • Ecologically friendly