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Muck Breaker

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Muck Breaker utilizes a select proven combination of natural occurring bacteria, trace minerals and enzymes.

Muck Breaker’s special combination is extremely powerful at reducing organic waste (MUCK) odours and suspended organics in the water column.


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Muck Breaker is a super-concentrated puck which contains a special blend of beneficial probiotic bacteria, trace minerals and enzymes, designed to work in lakes and ponds. This combination is highly effective at clearing turbidity caused by organic matter in water whilst getting rid of unpleasant odours.

The Muck Breaker tablets rapidly digest organic matter after application, in an extremely effective process known as biological oxidation. This process converts organic matter into a safe odourless gas that escapes unnoticed, leaving your dam with a clean muck-free base. This process is highly effective and can remove up to 5cm of pond muck in a single month when used regularly. Muck Breaker tablets are designed to sink to the bottom of ponds and lakes where they directly target pond muck for better performance.

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