Aquatic Clear Drop Flocculant Block 3kg

Aquatic Clear Drop Flocculant Block 3kg


Revolutionise your pond or dam from an unpleasant murk to crystal clear waters with Aquatic Clear Drop Flocculant Block.

  • Fast-acting
  • Great for storm situations
  • Will not affect pH or salinity
  • One block will treat up to 300,000L


Aquatic Clear Drop Floc Blocks

Wherever water clarification is required, these blocks work wonders in no-time. Made up of flocculant powder granules in a solid block form, this non-toxic polymer product offers quick relief from murky water.

As water passes around the block, its particles dissolve and attach to organic matter. This makes sediment settle onto the bottom, making your water clearer. Aquatic Clear Drop Floc Blocks have been used successfully to clarify murky water on construction sites to mining dams, ponds to irrigation water bodies and more.

Perfect for those difficult-to-reach areas and remote areas such as storm water drains and irrigation dams, these blocks make even the trickiest areas easy to clarify remotely.

How does it work?

Flocculant products work by assisting the removal of organic matter and microscopic organisms from water – these are what make your water murky, to begin with. Aquatic Clear Drop, conveniently packed into a block-form, works just in this way. Gathering everything that’s polluting your water and letting it sink to the bottom, this product offers the fast-track fix to getting that crystal-clear water you’re after.

Why choose Aquatic Clear Drop Flocculant Block?

  • Fast-acting
  • Safe for fish
  • Great for storm situations
  • Will not affect water salinity
  • Will not affect water pH-level
  • Cost-effective

How To Use

How to Use

Each Aquatic Clear Drop Floc Block treats approximately 300,000 litres of water. We recommend you place the block close to the entry point of the running water source.

The flow of water should disperse enough of the polymer gradually over time throughout your water body. If containing the block at the entry point is difficult, we recommend purchasing one of our mesh bags to house the block, which can then be tethered to a suitable position.






  • Dissolved mud/clay/silt
  • Decaying organic matter in water
  • Free-floating microorganisms including bacteria and algae


What is the difference between Aquatic Clear Drop Flocculent Block and Aquatic Clear Drop?

Aquatic Clear Drop Flocculent Blocks are designed for fast, flowing water, whereas Aquatic Clear Drop is designed for slow to stagnant waterbodies.


Safe For

Safe For


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