Dam Sealer For Leaking Dams

Dam Stop Leak® by Aquatic Technologies provides a quick, safe and easy-to-apply method of stopping leaks in all types of earth-based dams including irrigation and stock watering dams.
  • Applied directly to the water surface
  • No need to empty or drain your dam
  • Can be applied generally or to a specific area
  • Creates a permanent seal
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • The safest polymer sealant on the market
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Specially Formulated For Australian Dams

Dam Stop Leak® Standard and Professional Works:
Soil Conditions
On all soil types inc. coarse/rocky and fine/sandy soils
Slow vs Fast Leak
On slow and fast leaks
Water Loss Levels
For any level of water loss
On leaks in the base and walls of dams

Which Product Is Best For Your Dam?

Dam Stop Leak®

Our budget friendly product, perfect for smaller dams, hobby dams and ponds.

  • 1kg treats 12.5m²
  • 19kg covers 238m²
  • Polymer with clay binding agent
  • Smaller particle size
  • Easy, DIY application
  • Great value for smaller dams and ponds

Dam Stop Leak® Professional

#1 solution for leaking dams. Rely on your dam for business or livestock? Use DSL Pro.

  • 1kg treats 17m²
  • 18kg covers 300m²
  • 100% polymer
  • Large particle size for more coverage
  • Highest accuracy of application
  • Professional results

Dam Stop Leak® Professional covers a larger area for the same amount of product as Dam Stop Leak® Standard. This is because Dam Stop Leak® Professional is 100% polymer whereas Dam Stop Leak® Standard is polymer with clay binding agent.

The professional formula because of its large granular size, self-acts as a binding agent whereas the standard formula requires a clay binding additive to seal the leak.

Due to the larger particle size you obtain a stronger seal because the entire particle is actively working to seal the leak where as the standard formula only has part of the product that is actually binding to the substrate to seal the leak therefore you will need more of the standard product to achieve the same results.

You will still achieve sealing with both products, you just get more value for money with the professional product.

How It Works


Dam Stop Leak® is applied directly to the surface water in the dam creating an invisible net carrying the polymers in the water downwards.


The different sized polymers begin to expand, creating a gel that is drawn into voids and areas where water is seeping through the porous soil.


The polymers bond together, expanding to fill any holes, cracks and porous sections of the dam, creating a permanent layer sealing the dam.

Blended Formulation

It is a blended formulation of polymer granules that are 99% water insoluble which become active immediately upon application. Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is sucked into the dam’s cracks and porous areas. This results in a positive seal caused by the massive growth of the polymer’s particle size. This process is further enhanced by the packing of suspended particles attracted by the unique electrostatic charge built into the product.

No Need To Empty Your Dam

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® creates a seal without the need to empty the dam of water. It can be applied to full or partially full dams. The application is quick, simple and begins to work immediately. It is cost effective without the need for heavy expensive earth moving equipment. Treatment can be targeted directly at a known leakage problem area, or if the general location of the leak is not known then the entire dam can be treated.

  • Easy to apply
  • Non toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Once polymers are in place they become a part of your dam’s structure

How much do you need?

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® comes in a standard and professional range. The product and amount required will depend on the size of the body of water being treated.
Use The Calculator To See How Much You Need


Dam Stop Leak® Standard

Applied at a rate of 80 grams per meter squared of surface area. 1kg treats up to 12.5m².
Product Size Coverage
1kg 12.5m²
10kg 125m²
15kg 188m²
19kg 238m²
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Dam Stop Leak® Professional

Applied at a rate of 60 grams per meter squared of surface area. 1kg treats up to 17m².
Product Size Coverage
1kg 17m²
5kg 83m²
15kg 250m²
18kg 300m²
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