Surface Clear

Reduce Surface Free Floating Aquatic Matter

Helps keep your surface water clear

Surface Clear by Aquatic Technologies is a silicone-based liquid that disperses across the water’s surface and may prevent the new establishment of free floating aquatic matter.
  • Applied directly to the water surface
  • Silicone-based liquid
  • Safe to use around livestock, fish and irrigation
  • Can prevent the re-establishment of Free Floating Aquatic Matter
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Creates an Invisible Barrier

Use Surface Clear in conjunction with Orange Oil treatment to reduce the likelihood of free floating aquatic matter from re-establishing
Creates an invisible barrier on water's surface
Disperses quickly and evenly
Can reduce likelihood of new free floating matter forming
Free floating aquatic matter includes aquatic plants such as Azolla, Duckweed and Salvinia

Control and Prevention

Surface Clear

Use Surface Clear to assist in keeping Free-Floating Weeds from returning

  • Apply 100mL per 100m²
  • Helps prevent further growth of free floating aquatic matter
  • Shake vigorously and tip in
  • Use after Orange Oil Treatment

Silicone-based liquid that helps reduce the re-establishment of new free floating aquatic matter on your water’s surface.

Use Together With Orange Oil

Use Orange Oil to treat Free-Floating Weeds[1]

  • 1L treats 500m² of surface area
  • Apply to light/medium weed infestations
  • Spray on application

For best results, avoid a single heavy application. Apply several light applications over a 1 to 3 week period [2] [5-6].

How It Works

Shake bottle vigorously.
Do a test pour. If the liquid comes out milky white you need to continue shaking. Pour Surface Clear directly to the water's surface.
Surface Clear will rapidly spread itself across the water's surface.

Surface Clear

This solution helps to reduce the risk of re-establishment of new free floating aquatic matter on your water’s surface. This silicone-based liquid disperses evenly across the water surface to give fast-acting effects.

Once you’ve cleared your water surface of aquatic matter, Surface Clear helps to reduce the likelihood of re-establishment.

Safe to use

When used according to instructions, this product has no withholding period, so you can use the water immediately after treatment. It’s safe for fish, livestock, pets and humans alike.

  • Easy to apply
  • Non toxic
  • Works in conjunction with Orange Oil and other aquatic approved herbicides

How much do you need for your body of water?

Surface Clear

Applied at a rate of 100 millilitres per 100 meters squared of surface area.
Product Size Coverage
5L 5,000m²
20L 20,000m²


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