Ultrasonic™ Algae Control

Long-Term Control of Aquatic Algae and Algal Blooms

Ultrasonic™ for Long-Term Algae Control and Management

Ultrasonic™ Algae Control by Aquatic Technologies provides a long-lasting solution to managing algae and algal blooms
  • Treats common types of green and blue-green algae
  • Eliminates up to 90% of existing algae
  • Prevents growth of new algae
  • No algae toxins are released
  • Safe to use in all water bodies incl. potable water
  • Long-term management of algae
  • Prevent the growth of biofouling
  • Prevent clogging of filters and pumps
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Treats Toxic Blue-Green Algae

Ultrasonic™ Works For:
Irrigation Reservoirs
Livestock Water
Drinking Water Reservoirs
Lakes and Dams
Wastewater Lagoons
Cooling Basins


For the safe and long-term control of algae and algal blooms in all types of water bodies.

How It Works

1. The ultrasound creates a sound layer in the top layer of the water.
2. The ultrasound affects the buoyancy of the algae, fixing them in the water column.
3. Due to a lack of sunlight and nutrients, the algae will die and sink to the bottom of the water body.
4. The algae are degraded by the beneficial bacteria present.

Ultrasonic™ Industrial Line Features

Ultrasonic transmitter

  • Treatment range up to 200m per device
  • Integrated Aquawiper™, an automatic cleansing system for the ultrasonic transmitters
  • Chameleon Technology™, adjusts the ultrasonic program to the specific water conditions

Weatherproof control box

  • Weatherproof design to protect against outdoor conditions
  • LCD display with control buttons to select 12 different ultrasonic programs
  • Add multiple ultrasonic transmitters to one control box

Solar Power Option

The Ultrasonic™ Industrial Line can work autonomous on solar energy. Aquatic Technologies provides a complete solar system including a solar panel, batteries, and a charge regulator.

Why is it Important to Control Algae Growth?

Algal blooms cause a reduced light penetration, depletion of oxygen, and release of toxins from the algae, which are unfavourable conditions for fish and plants. Ultrasonic™ technology contributes to a healthy ecosystem by controlling the algae growth. Reduced levels of algae leads to increased water clarity allowing more light to enter the water column favouring plant growth and increasing oxygen levels.
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Why does ultrasound impact algae bouyancy?

Planktonic algae rely on their buoyancy to obtain sufficient sunlight at the water surface. Some do this through synthesis of gas vesicles, while others use the presence of lipids within the cell to regulate their buoyancy.

This disruption to their buoyancy prevents them from performing photosynthesis, and creates free space for beneficial aquatic organisms to occupy.

Specifically, blue-green algae travel up and down the water column; they go to the surface to absorb sunlight for photosynthesis and to the bottom for nutrients. Ultrasonic ultrasound fixes the algae in the water column, preventing them from making these movements and restricting their metabolic activities. By doing this, water quality parameters improve, such as pH and light penetration, allowing other aquatic organisms such as benthic plants to regrow and absorb nutrients.

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