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Ultrasonic Algae Control

Ultrasonic Algae Control

Ultrasonic – E-Line XXL 200m -1 Transducer: The Hi-tech way to control all types of algae in drinking water reservoirs, irrigation dams, stock watering dams and lakes.

  • Eliminates problem algae
  • Suppresses new algal growth
  • Easy to install
  • Long-term treatment
  • Soundwave technology – no chemicals!


Ultrasonic algae control offers a high-tech way to eliminate various algae in ponds, lakes, dams and more.

Emitting ultrasonic sound waves, these new-age devices destroy algae in a powerful way – not only that, they’re completely safe to use and they’re built to last.

With the help of specific sound frequencies, Ultra Sonic offers a whole new way to kill and control algae in any body of water. A highly recommended solution for clearing up algae blooms in irrigated water and drinking water, ultrasonic algae control can kill up to 90% of existing algae.

Introducing: Chameleon Technology™

With a myriad of ultrasonic parameters including frequency, amplitude, waveform and signal duration, you can target specific types of algae with super simple configurations. Our Chameleon Technology™ allows you to choose between active ultrasonic programs to suit the water conditions you’re dealing with. With this technology, you can take out the guess-work and eliminate algae in a science-backed way.

Here at Aquatic Technologies, we pre-install the right program for you, according to your water conditions and the type of algae. What’s more, is we can change your program to fit changing water conditions and weather, so you have a total solution to fighting algae blooms year-round.

Did you know?

Various types of algae require different types of ultrasonic treatment. That’s why the LG Sonic devices have 12 ultrasonic programs to effectively control any type of algae you’re dealing with.

Why you need Chameleon Technology™

A super-efficient way to control algae, Chameleon Technology™ can reduce the time spent on fighting algae growth. It’s a fantastic way to keep large water sources clean and clear – an absolute must especially when the water is used for irrigation or drinking.

Algae can be problematic year-round. Changing conditions may cause different types of algae to pop up in your water source, so it’s crucial to have the right tools to fight algal blooms when conditions change.

Backed by leading institutions and research studies

Here at Aquatic Technologies, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive database of different types of algae. With the help of universities and experts in the field, we’ve compiled the know-how you need to fight different types of algae under any conditions.

This database is built into the Ultra Sonic device, giving you the fast-track to knowing exactly what parameters you need to fight algae growth.

Destroy problematic algae and prevent the occurrence of resistant algae by using a set of standard ultrasonic parameters and frequencies.

Did you know?

Algae can adapt and become resistant to certain frequencies. That’s why it’s best to use multiple ultrasonic parameters to effectively fight it.


How To Use

Why use Ultrasonic technology?

  • Eliminate up to 90% of existing algae
  • Prevent the growth of new algae
  • It’s a chemical-free solution that’s totally safe for fish, plants, and other aquatic life
  • No toxins from the destroyed algae are released into the water
  • You can treat large water surfaces, such as lakes and sizeable ponds
  • Avoids damage to industrial systems – for example, to filters in treatment plants
  • Requires little maintenance
  • A powerful solution that reduces the number of times you need to treat the water

The total solution for algae control in large bodies of water

The Ultrasonic e-Line Transducer offers the full package. It works primarily by creating ultrasonic pressure (sound barrier) on the top layer of the water. This prevents algae from rising to the surface to photosynthesise in sunlight. When algae cannot reach the sun’s energy, it dies.

Multiple Transmitters

You can install multiple transmitters into this super practical device. To keep all bases covered, up to 2 transmitters can be housed in one single electronic control box – perfect for treating multiple ponds or dams and even large lakes, including drinking water reservoirs.

Each of these transmitters can be programmed via the same e-box and can work separate programs if required- letting you control algal growth in a wide range of water conditions.

 Integrated Automatic Wiper

Prevent the build-up of calcite deposits easily. Your automatic wiper is a world-first cleaning system that keeps your transmitter head clean, even after several uses.

Weatherproof Control Box

Stay weather-protected with an aluminium control box that gives you the protection you need – including better cooling capabilities.  

LCD Display with User Interface

Select up to 10 different frequency programs per transmitter. See the status of your transmitter in real-time with the built-in LCD screen.

GSM Remote Control (where available)

You’re in control – monitor and change the ultrasonic program you’re using remotely. Get real-time status updates and alerts if the power goes out and new programs with the help of the Aquatic Technologies support system.

Solar System Available 

The e-Line models can operate on standard 240volt mains power or 24v DC, using between 10-40 Watts. An option of solar panels, batteries and charge regulators are also available.




Algae Treated

What types of algae will Ultrasonic control?
Ultrasonic will control filamentous and planktonic types of Algae in water, including (effectively) all types of blue-green algae.

Specifically, Ultrasonic will treat Blue Green Algae such as:
● Microcystis (Blue-Green Algae)
● Anabaena (Blue-Green Algae)
● Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae)
● Oscillatoria (Blue-Green Algae)
● Aphanizomenon (Cyanobacteria)
● Dictyosphaerium (Blue-Green Algae)
● Euglena (Flagellates)

Specifically, Ultrasonic will treat Filamentous algae such as:
● Spirogyra
● Chlorella
● Hydrodictyon
● Cladophora
● Oedogonium


How does ultrasonic work?

Ultrasonic Algae Control uses soundwaves to suspend the algae within the water column, limiting the amount of light available and stalling their reproduction. The algae will then die off and sink to the bottom to be broken down by bacteria. Ultrasonic is an environmentally friendly alternative and has long lasting results.

Can Ultrasonic be used inside water tanks?

Yes, the Ultrasonic units will work in this type of set up, depending on the size and depth of the tanks and the turnover of the water in the tank. The quicker the turnover rate of water in the tank, the less effective the Ultrasonic can be, as the unit needs resonance time to effect the algae cells.  

Will the Ultrasonic device cause blue-green algae to release their toxins and create a bigger problem?

When blue-green algae is blooming, there are toxins already present in the water body. Rupturing the algae cell does not release a higher concentration of toxins as this level of toxicity was already present within the water body.

However, the Ultrasonic device does not rupture the algae cells, rather it slowly lowers the concentration of algae present over time. Therefore, installing a Ultrasonic device should not result in drastic increase in toxin concentrations.

How long does it take to kill algae?

That depends on which algae is being targeted. On average, the treatment should begin to take effect after 2-3 weeks.



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