Aquatic Weed Rake, Razer Rake & Muck Razer

Easy DIY Tools For Keeping Your Pond Clean

Essential Dam Maintenance Tools

Our Aquatic Tool Range is designed to make maintaining your dam quick and easy. Get instant results and keep your water body clear and healthy.
  • Instant results
  • Easy DIY solution
  • Ecologically benign
  • Remove cut vegetation and debris with ease
  • Reduce muck build up
  • Lightweight and simple to use
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Keep your dam clean

Aquatic Weed Rakes, Razer Rakes and Muck Razers can be used on any body of water
Keeps your water clear of debris and muck
Easy to use
Tools are used from the bank - no need to get wet
Instant results

Choose Your Tool

Aquatic Weed Rake

Removes debris, cut vegetation or pulls up rooted vegetation.

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Can float it or sink it
  • Four section handle that snaps together giving 3m of reach
  • 13m floating rope included
  • Blunt rake teeth

Aquatic Razer Rake

Pulls out submerged aquatic vegetation by the roots and clears surface weeds and debris.

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Can float it or sink it
  • Snap together handle giving it 2.7m of reach
  • 7.6m floating rope included
  • Razor sharp teeth provides a better cut & dig

Aquatic Muck Razer

Digs out pre-cut aquatic plant roots and reduces muck build-up.

  • Teeth with a deflected angle for uprooting roots and oxygenating mucky bottom sediment
  • 15.24cm drum for easier rolling
  • Offset long teeth for digging deeper and overturning stagnant sediments
  • Sectioned handle for easy storage

How It Works

Weed Rake and Razer Rake
  1. Throw the rake out and over the area to be cleared
  2. Let the raker head sink for submerged clearing or attach floats for clearing floating matter
  3. Use a back and forth motion, then put it in
  4. Repeat as needed

For Razer Rake only: To get in deeper into the sediment, hold onto the handle and push down rather than using the cast & retrieve method

Muck Razer
  1. Stand in a stable location and roll the Muck Razer head into the water and let it fill
  2. Roll the drum back and forth over the area that you wish to improve
  3. The closer you grab the handle to the drum, the more downward pressure you can apply.
  4. The Muck Razer should be used regularly until the areas that you wish to address have shown improvement

The water may become cloudy creating poor visibility. Therefore, if you can’t see your desired working area, you may need to stop and resume later when the cloudiness has dissipated.

Aquatic Weed Rake

Once you’ve successfully cut your aquatic weeds, easily remove them from the water with our Aquatic Weed Rake!

  • Quickly clears away free-floating weeds and debris on the surface
  • Digs deep to reach stems and roots of lake and pond weeds
  • Ideal for removing organic matter on bottom of water
  • Can be thrown for a total reach of 16m
  • Perfect second step for removing rooted vegetation after being cut with Weed Razer
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Aquatic Razer Rake

The perfect addition to any weed razer, the Aquatic Razer Rake easily removes any left over submerged aquatic vegetation and their roots.

  • Weed roots to prevent re-growth of submerged weeds and roots
  • Debris floating on the surface of the water
  • Shorter bottom-dwelling weeds
  • Decaying organic matter on the bottom
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Muck Razer

Complete your pond maintenance routine with the Aquatic Muck Razer. Easily removes remaining rooted aquatic vegetation after cutting with the weed razer and reduces muck accumulation.

  • Ideal for removing unwanted aquatic weed roots
  • Adds oxygen to bottom sediments to speed up muck breakdown
  • Frequent use leads to better water quality
  • Reduces decaying organic matter on the bottom
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