NEW – Muck Razer

NEW – Muck Razer


    • Galvanized steel agitating teeth, Aluminium handle, and PVC drum
    • Versatile design for use in the water or along the shoreline
    • Great when used in combination with Weed Razer™ and Weed Raker™ tools
    • Easy to store. 3 piece breakdown handle
    • Cost effective solution to an expensive problem, and no electric power required
    • 61cm Drum length / 58.5cm teeth length

*PLEASE NOTE: due to the size of this product, shipping is via courier and cannot be delivered to PO Boxes

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The newest addition to our Aquatic Weed Control tools! Remove the root cause of aquatic weeds, their roots! The Aquatic Muck Razer is the perfect addition to your Weed Razer and Weed Rake giving you the ultimate trio in removing unwnated aquatic weeds. The Muck Razer is simply rolled along the bottom of the dam where it digs out the roots of aquatic weeds and reduces the build-up of muck, leaving you with a hassle free swim, boating or recreational activity zone. Cut your vegetation with the Weed Razer, remove it with the Weed Rake then get to the root of your muck and weed problem with the Muck Razer, the ultimate underwater mower! Product Specs

  • Teeth with a deflected angle for uprooting roots and oxygenating mucky bottom sediment.
  • Six-inch drum makes rolling easier
  • Offset long teeth for digging deeper and overturning stagnant sediments

How To Use

How to use the Muck Razer: Step 1 Stand in a stable location and roll the Muck Razer head into the water. The head will fill with water, adding weight to keep it firmly on the pond, dam or lake bottom. Step 2 Roll the drum back and forth over the area that you wish to improve. This can be accomplished by walking with the handle in and out of the water or by pushing and pulling the drum back and forth with the handle. Step 3 The closer you grab the handle to the drum, the more downward pressure you can apply. If you’re working in an area with deep muck build-up, it will be easier to start with a smaller area and work the drum back and forth without applying downward pressure. The process may need to be repeated numerous times over an extended period of weeks to gradually reduce the muck layers. Step 3a The water may become cloudy creating poor visibility. Therefore, if you can’t see your desired working area, you may need to stop and resume later when the cloudiness has dissipated. Step 3b The Muck Razer should be used regularly until the areas that you wish to address have shown improvement.  


Aquatic Weeds and roots


Why Use the Muck Razer

  • Maintenance free. Galvanized steel agitating teeth, Aluminium handle, and PVC drum.
  • Cost-effective solution to an expensive problem and no electric power required.
  • Easy to store. 3 piece breakdown handle.




How to use the Muck Razer: Video Tutorial How to put the Muck Razer together: Video Tutorial *Power drill highly recommended during assembly*

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