Fast Acting, Aquatic Approved Herbicide

Aquatic Herbicide for All Types of Aquatic Weeds

AQ200 by Aquatic Technologies provides a quick solution to troublesome weeds in all types of water bodies including: ponds, dams, golf courses, irrigation dams and more.
  • Fast-acting
  • Non-selective broad spectrum aquatic herbicide
  • Designed specifically for use on aquatic vegetation
  • Powerful and effective
  • Use on floating, emergent or submerged aquatic weeds
  • 10-day withholding period after application
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Specially Formulated For Aquatic Applications

AQ200 Aquatic Herbicide Works On:
Free Floating Aquatic Plants
Submerged Aquatic Plants
Emergent Aquatic Plants
Terrestrial grasses surrounding water's edge

Which Product Is Best For Your Weeds?


Use AQ200 on its own to target any plants below the water’s surface.

  • 1L treats between 100,000L and 200,000L
  • Targets all submerged aquatic plants
  • Spray on application

Low to normal weed growth apply 5L per 1ML. Excessive weed growth apply 10L per 1ML.

AQ200 + Wetting Agent

Use AQ200 with Wetting Agent to target any plant floating on the surface and above the water line.

  • 1L AQ200 + 500ml Wetting Agent treats 500m2 to 750m2
  • Targets floating and emergent plants
  • Spray on application

Low to normal weed growth apply a medium wetting. Excessive weed growth apply a heavy wetting

What Does AQ200 Target?

Submerged weeds
AQ200 treats all submerged plants: Ribbonweed, Sea Tassel, Pondweed, Hornwort, Milfoil, Parrots Feather, Potamogeton, Cattail, Elodea, Hydrilla and more.
Free floating & floating weeds
AQ200 + Wetting Agent treats all floating and free floating plants: Azolla, Duckweed, Salvinia, Water Lettuce, Water Lilies, Water Primrose, Nardoo, Water Chestnut, Water Hyacinth and more.
Emergent weeds
AQ200 + Wetting Agent treats all emergent plants: Cumbungi, Rushes, Sedges, Grasses, Spikerush, Canegrass, Water Couch, Reeds, Lotus, Buttercups, Arrowhead and more.

Safety First

AQ200 is an Aquatic Herbicide therefore it is important to wear the correct PPE when handling and applying.
PPE: Safety glasses, gloves, mask, non-absorbent clothing, waterproof boots

10-Day Withholding Period

After safely applying AQ200 there is a 10-day withholding period meaning you cannot use the water for any purpose for 10 days: no irrigating, no stock watering, no recreational activities for 10 days.

Will AQ200 affect fish and wildlife?

The risks involved with using AQ200 are as follows:

  • Direct Spray – moderately to practically nontoxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates. There is low risk to fish in ponds being treated with AQ200. There is no risk to birds that feed on fish in the treated pond. Use the lower application rate in areas where fish are present.
  • Off-Site Drift to Non-Target Terrestrial Plants – This risk can be greatly minimised by taking care when spraying, only spraying on wind free days and only using a course droplet spray.

Nonselective contact herbicide

AQ200 is a nonselective contact herbicide for the control of aquatic weeds. This herbicide is a cell membrane disrupter that causes damage to cell membranes. AQ200 neutralises when in contact with sediment particles therefore it does not affect the roots of plants. When treating submerged weeds, ensure the water is clear and not cloudy otherwise treatment may be ineffective. If there is algae present, you may need to apply an algaecide prior to using AQ200 or use the heavier dosage rate.

How much do you need for your body of water?


Low to normal weed growth: 5L AQ200 per 1ML water to be treated
Excessive weed growth: 10L AQ200 per 1ML water to be treated
Product Size Coverage
1L 100,000L to 200,000L
5L 500,000L to 1ML
20L 2ML to 4ML

AQ200 + Wetting Agent

Applied at a rate of 400ml AQ200 + 150ml Wetting Agent
diluted into 100L town/tank water
Product Size Coverage
1L AQ200 + 500ml Wetting Agent diluted into 250L Water 250m² - 500m²
5L AQ200 + 2L Wetting Agent diluted into 1,250L Water 1,250m² - 2,500m²
20L AQ200 + 7L Wetting Agent diluted into 5,000L Water 5,000m² - 10,000m²