Safe and effective control of aquatic algae and algae blooms

algae control

Coptrol™ for Algae Control in Ponds and Dams

Coptrol™ by Aquatic Technologies provides quick results in the elimination and control of aquatic algae.
  • Treats all types of algae
  • Safe to use in all water bodies, inc. potable water
  • Does not harm aquatic plants or wildlife
  • No withholding period
  • Removes algae from all kinds of water
  • APVMA approved
  • Australian made
  • Commercial grade
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Treats Toxic Blue-Green Algae

Coptrol™ works for:
irrigation water
livestock water
drinking water
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For the safe control of all types of algae in all types of water bodies.

How it works

Algae actively seek out and absorb Coptrol for its nutritional value. Once absorbed through their cell wall digestive enzymes within the algae cell breaks down the copper chelate and releases the active constituent inside the algae cell to kill it. Coptrol is solely used for the control of algae and does not control aquatic plants.

Method of application

Once diluted, Coptrol can be applied directly from a bucket, watering can, knapsack sprayer, horticulture sprayer, firefighter pump sprayed from the bank, or from boats or aircrafts.

Alternatively Coptrol can be dripped directly into flowing water in high volume treatments such as flood irrigation water.

Using Coptrol™ with Fish

For the safe control of all types of algae in all types of water bodies with fish

Water Hardness Test Strips

You must test your water for hardness where fish are present. Water testing strips help determine suitability for the use of algaecides such as Coptrol treatments where fish are involved.

Using Coptrol with Fish

Treat the shoreline first to avoid trapping fish in the shallows. Only treat 1/3 of the water at a time to avoid oxygen depletion. Allow 10-15 days in between treatments for oxygen levels to recover.

  • Ensure the carbonate hardness is above 40/50ppm
  • The water temperature should be at least 16˚C
  • Calculate the total amount of Coptrol for the water body being treated and divide into thirds

How much do you need?

The product and amount required will depend on the size and type of body of water being treated. Use the calculator below to work out exactly how much you need.

Tanks & Troughs

(TANK VOLUME/1,000) x 2 = Coptrol (mL) for mild algal blooms
(TANK VOLUME/1,000) x 5 = Coptrol (mL) for severe algal blooms
Coptrol Size (L) Volume Treated (L) Surface Area Treated (m²)
1L 100,000L - 200,000L 120m2 - 240m2
2L 200,000L - 400,000L 240m2 - 480m2
5L 500,000L - 1,000,000L (1ML) 600m2 - 1,200m2
15L 1,500,000L (1.5ML) - 3,000,000L (3ML) 1,800m2 - 3,600m2
20L 2,000,000L (2ML) - 4,000,000L (4ML) 2,400m2 - 4,800m2
200L 20,000,000L (20ML) - 40,000,000L (40ML) 24,000m2 - 48,000m2
1000L 100,000,000L (100ML) - 200,000,000L (200ML) 120,000m2 - 240,000m2
Coptrol treatment will vary depending on the severity of your algae bloom. For severe algae blooms use the lower volume or surface area to calculate how much Coptrol needed.