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Here at Aquatic Technologies, we offer a wide range of expert-led services and the latest science-backed products to combat all types of algae.

We supply all of the necessary equipment and come to you at your convenience. Just fill out the form above and we’ll treat your algae problem for you!

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Algaecide Algae Control
Don’t own a sprayer? No worries!
Our expert team can come to you to apply our aquatic algaecide Coptrol.

Ultrasonic Algae Control
We set up and install our Ultrasonic devices so you don’t have to! We also offer a brief training program to get you familiar with how to operate the device so you can become your own master of algae control!

Physical Algae Control
We offer commercial grade algae removal with our amphibious harvester: Mobitrac

Suppressant’s and Other Treatments
Suppress algal growth as well as improve the appearance of your water body with an Aquatic Blue treatment.

Reduce nutrient loads and prevent the likelihood of algal blooms by letting our team apply a Phoslock treatment to your water body to give you long-lasting results!

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