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We offer a range of different water treatments all delivered by our qualified experts so you can feel confident that your water body is getting the best treatment on the market!

Whether it’s physical, chemical or microscopic, the team at Aquatic Technologies has got you covered.

We can assist in determining the most suitable treatment for your specific aquatic environment.

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We offer water correctional treatments to bring balance back to your water body


pH Correction

Bring your pH back to an optimal range by utilising our pH correction service.

Water Clarification

Give your water body a makeover by letting our team apply a flocculant solution to remove unwanted debris and sediment, leaving you with crystal clear water!

Aquatic Weed and Algae Suppressants

Suppress algal and aquatic weed growth as well as improve the appearance of your water body, just ask us how! Reduce nutrient loads and prevent the likelihood of algal blooms by letting our team treat your water body to give you long-lasting results!

Aquatic Weed and Algae Harvesting

Let our experts do all the manual labour for you so you can enjoy a pristine and healthy water body without lifting a finger!
As Australia's leading supplier of water treatment services we look forward to providing you with a tailored solution. Call us today on 03 9071 2442 to talk to our expert team.

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