Solar Aeration System

Solar Aeration System

Solar Aeration System that gives you maximum oxygenation when your water body needs it most.

Half HP Solar Aeration System

  • Solar Aerating Fountain (aerates up to half an acre of water)
  • Suitable for Ponds, Dams,  Feature Ponds
  • Use for aeration, as a water feature, or both
  • Minimum operating water depth 55cm
  • Tornado nozzle with 1.5m high x 3.7m wide spray pattern (in full sun)
  • Torrent (0.3m high x 0.7m wide)



The Solar Aeration System is perfect for ponds, dams or as a water feature. The small compact motor allows you to display a beautiful water feature in shallow water from 50cm depth and will aerate up to half an acre of water (2,050 square metres).


What comes in the kit:

  • 1 or 2 x 360 solar panel with mounting bracket
  • Aeration motor with suction screen
  • Fountain Float
  • Your choice of motor cord length: 25m, or 50m
  • 2 mooring stakes and 30m mooring rope
  • Tornado nozzle with 1.5m high x 3.7m wide spray pattern (in full sun)
  • Torrent 0.3m high x 0.7m wide (in partial sun)


• No power source required • Control box • Operates in just 50cm of water • Aerates up to ½acre/2,050 m2 ponds & dams • Stainless steel, no maintenance motor • Everything is included, all you need to do is dig a hole where you will mount the solar panel Download our fountain brochure under the “Resources” tab.


  • Increases oxygen in water
  • Greatly reduces likelihood of algal blooms
  • Promotes good fish health
  • Keeps water clearer
  • Improves overall health of water body
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Why is aeration good for my pond?

Insufficient oxygen in a body of water can cause real problems. From fish deaths to bad smells, algal blooms and more, low oxygen saturation in water can be a recipe for disaster. The great thing is, it’s never been easier to adequately aerate your water. A quality aerator system works by oxygenating your water source, giving your water the refreshment it needs and helping fish to thrive. The benefits of a Half HP Aeration Fountain are many. Half HP fountains are super-efficient with high flow rates and great economy. The Aqua Control Series II Half HP Aeration Fountain a great visual feature, all the while clearing up your water and preventing the buildup of harmful algae and other organisms. This fountain is ideal in bodies of water up to half an acre (2,050 square meters) in size.

How To Use



  • Provides more oxygen to water
  • Decreases algal blooms
  • Keeps fish healthier
  • Keeps water clearer




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