Select Series II 2HP Aeration Fountain – Pentalator

Select Series II 2HP Aeration Fountain – Pentalator

2HP Select Series II Medium Fountains

  • Aerating Fountain (aerates up to an acre of water)
  • Suitable for Large Ponds, Dams, Lakes, Golf Courses
  • Use for aeration, as a water feature, or both
  • Minimum operating water depth 1.1m
  • Pentalator nozzle with 3.7m high x 9.1m wide spray pattern



The Select Series II 2HP Fountain Series is perfect for large ponds, dams, lakes or as a water feature. The large motor gives off a powerful display as well as aerating your water body. This beautiful water feature will perform in water depths from 1.1m and will aerate up to an acre of water (4,050 square metres).

  Our 2HP Aerating Fountain range is the only 2HP fountain in Australia available as plug ‘n’ play meaning there is no hidden costs when installing such as hiring an electrician (provided you already have power available). You can simply plug your new fountain in to any standard 240V outlet.

What comes in the kit:

  • 2HP motor with protective screen (240V, 10 amp, single-phase)
  • Control box with twin motor and light timers
  • Fountain float
  • Your choice of motor cord length: 35m, 55m, 75m, or as ordered
  • 2 mooring stakes
  • 30m mooring rope
  • Pentalator nozzle with 3.7m high x 9.1m wide spray pattern


Optional LED Fountain Light Kit

This simple-to-install kit lets you illuminate your fountain at night. Give your pond, lake or dam a touch of beauty with LED lights.

  • Two high-power LED lights
  • Optional lamp colours: Red, Blue, Green sequencing or white

Download our fountain brochure under the “Resources” tab.


  • Increases oxygen in water
  • Greatly reduces likelihood of algal blooms
  • Promotes good fish health
  • Keeps water clearer
  • Improves overall health of water body
  • Aesthetically pleasing


One of the most effective water fountains on the market today, the 2HP (horsepower) Select Series II range delivers high spray patterns with super-low power consumption.

These long-lasting and reliable US-made display aerator water fountains are crafted from high-strength composite materials. These high-performance aerators don’t just give you that next-level visual appeal – they’re incredibly effective in keeping your water quality healthy for longer, too. These medium-sized aerator fountains have been engineered for minimal motor stress for long-term use. High spray patterns give you some spectacular visual displays for years and years to come. All this and more, with low power consumption to enable you to save energy. The 2HP Select Series by Aqua Control features a wide range of spray patterns fit for various sizes and shapes of ponds, dams and lakes. Perfect for both deep and shallow water, these aerator fountains are easy to operate under any conditions and feature a motor configuration for simple control. Illuminate your water in the darkness… You can now achieve beautiful lighting of your water at night – it’s super simple with the LED Lighting Kit which you can purchase with the Select Series II Medium Fountain.

Why choose the Select Series II Fountain?

  • Easy DIY Installation
  • The highest spray patterns
  • Lowest power consumption
  • USA-made
  • Robust and reliable
  • High-strength composite materials
  • Australian electrical compliant
  • Easy Plug ‘n’ Play 240v Single Phase
  • Maximum display output
  • Minimal stress on the motor
  • Unique range of spray patterns
  • Highest levels of efficiency

Power: Single Phase, 240v, 10amp

How To Use

Pentalator Performance Height: 3.7 metres Diameter: 9.1 metres Output: 80 (M3/H) The Pentalator features a pattern with 5 tiers. It has a vertical stream surrounded by 4 lower tiers of 6 heavy, gracefully arching coherent streams – each with gradually reduced height and increased diameter. Available in stationary and floating configurations. How to Assemble Electrically Compliant! The new 2HP Aqua Control Select Series II Display Aerator Fountains are Australian electrically compliant (Compliance certificate No: SGS/130231) for your safety. These highly efficient units are available in Plug ‘n’ Play kits for simple DIY installation, plugging directly into a standard 240 volt, 10 amp power point (GPO). Kits come with a standard control panel, fountain motor and waterproof power cord in lengths of 35m, 55m or 75m. Efficient LED night lights easily attach so that you can enjoy your fountain 24 hrs a day



  • Provides more oxygen to water
  • Decreases algal blooms
  • Keeps fish healthier
  • Keeps water clearer


What does an Aeration Fountain do?

The aeration fountain works to increase the amount of oxygen in the water and in turn removes toxins, metals and other dissolved gasses that may be present. The increase in oxygen may prevent algal blooms and will increase the overall health of the fish and aquatic plant life found within the water. It will also act as a long lasting aquatic weed and algae control.

What is Thermal Stratification?

Thermal stratification is the layering of warmer, oxygen rich water near the surface on top of cooler, oxygen deprived water towards the bottom. The transition between these layers is called the thermocline. The differences in water density at the thermocline prevents the water from mixing. Our Aerators use diffusers to pump air through the diffuser membranes. This air then makes its way to the pond surface in the form of millions of tiny bubbles. As these bubbles travel upward through the layers of thermal stratification they entrain water with them. This water is carried to the surface where it becomes naturally oxygenated, thus aerating the waterbody.

What are some benefits of aeration?

By aerating and circulating from the pond bottom up, the toxic gasses previously trapped under the thermocline can escape, thereby providing a balanced habitat for aquatic life. The aeration also creates aerobic conditions near the pond bottom where microbial processes can naturally break down nutrients which would otherwise be used in the production of noxious aquatic weeds and algae. Lake bed aeration systems are the most efficient and cost effective way to aerate water bodies. Our lake bed aeration systems provide a complete ready to install solution for waterways with low oxygen levels, sludge build up and temperature variances in the water column (stratification).



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