Aquatic Weed Control

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Treat Underwater Submerged Aquatic Weeds

Treat Underwater Submerged Aquatic Weeds - Weeds below the waters surface.


Treat Floating Aquatic Weeds

Treat Floating Aquatic Weeds - Roots not rooted or attached to bottom


Treat Emergent Aquatic Weeds 

Treat Emergent Aquatic Weeds - Rooted in substrate, leaves protruding above water surface


Aquatic Weed Harvesting

More about Aquatic Weed Harvesting

Aquatic Technologies has a number of solutions to control all types of aquatic weeds from water bodies.

We provide a broad range of contract services for the removal of aquatic weeds from all types of waterways, using proven, effective and efficient removal methods that are environmentally safe, including aquatic weed harvesters, amphibious aquatic weed harvesters and aquatic chemical spray application boats, pontoons, ATV's and amphibious craft.

Aquatic Technologies manufactures, distributes and stocks specialised products, aquatic weed cutting tools, floating aquatic weed skimmers, chemicals, aquatic herbicides and water treatments for all types of aquatic weed control.

Controlling the growth of aquatic weeds in your water has never been simpler. Here at Aquatic Technologies, you’ll find a wide range of science-backed solutions, services and products for aquatic weed control.

Trying to figure out how to kill pond weeds? Our aquatic weed control services are your best bet in ensuring your aquatic weeds stay tamed. Using proven methods and highly effective aquatic weeding tools and hardware, our experts endeavour to fix your aquatic weed problems for good. From aquatic weed harvesters to pontoons, amphibious crafts and more high-tech applications, our expert-led services are your best bet when it comes to long-term weed control.

The Aquatic Technologies range of weed control tools and products include aquatic weed skimmers, herbicides, chemicals and other environmentally-friendly weeding tools. Manufactured and distributed by us, our tools of the trade are hand-vetted for quality and reliability

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