Finally, a simple solution to controlling the growth of aquatic weeds in your water.

Aquatic weed control

At Aquatic Technologies our team provide a wide range of science-backed solutions, services and products for aquatic weed control.

DIY Control

We offer a range of products that allow you to be in control. Easily take care of nuisance aquatic weeds with our selection of aquatic tools, herbicides, and pond dyes.

Professional Weed Spraying Service

Don't want to do it yourself? We've got you covered. Hire our professional spray team to come and take care of those troublesome aquatic weeds. We can service large or small water bodies and have an array of different spray equipment for different jobs.

Amphibious Harvesting Service

Is your dam just too big? Do you have a severe weed infestation? Don't have the time? Our professional team can mechanically remove free floating, emergent and submerged aquatic weeds on your behalf. Our amphibious craft is friendly to the environment and efficient at removing problem weeds.

Aquatic Plant Identification

Unsure what weed is growing in your dam? Send us a photo and we'll I.D. it for you. To make it easy, send us a photo of the weed in its natural habitat (the water), grab a chunk and send us a close up either on your hand or on a neutral background, capture any parts that stand out i.e. flowers, roots, leaves. Make sure the photo isn't blurry!

Classify Your Weed Type

Floating Aquatic Weeds

Free Floating Weeds
Free-floating aquatic weeds have roots that are not attached to substrate that float on the water’s surface and are usually very small. They can appear anywhere across the surface of the waterbody, and in some instances, will completely cover the entire surface.

Floating Attached Weeds
Rooted-floating plants have underground stems (rhizomes) from which new plants can sprout and are commonly attached to the substrate, lakebed or floor of the water body. They are generally found in the shallower water around edges. Their stems, leaves or flowers may or may not protrude above the water’s surface.


Emergent Aquatic Weeds

Emergent aquatic weeds have stems and leaves protruding above the water’s surface. These aquatic water weeds have roots anchored to the substrate, lakebed or floor of the water body and are most commonly found in shallower waters around the edges. This group includes grass-like and broad-leaved plants. Emergent plants most closely resemble land plants.

Submergent Aquatic Weeds

Submerged aquatic weeds grow below the water’s surface, whether attached to substrate or not. Submerged plants have a tendency to protrude the water’s surface during different times of the year, often confusing them with emergent aquatic plants. A key difference is in the water depth and positioning of growth. Submerged aquatic plants have a tendency to grow in deeper waters, away from the edge.


Aquatic Weed Harvesting

Weed Harvester

Manage your waterways with the help of our experts.

World class aquatic vegetation removal and harvesting services led by our experts. Our dedicated team tackles aquatic weed problems both big and small, with state of the art techniques that work and weed removal tools designed to give lasting effects.