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Aquatic weed identification services

Solving your aquatic weed problems has never been more simple – the Aquatic Technologies range of aquatic plant identification and treatment services will ensure your water stays pristine and healthy for the long-run.

With any aquatic weed problem, identification is absolutely crucial. Our expert-led water plant identification services give you a clear image of exactly how serious your infestation is.

Did you know?

There are four classifications of aquatic weeds in Australia today. These are: emergent, floating attached, free-floating and submerged.

What plants grow around ponds, dams & lakes?

Floating plants are found on the surface of water, unattached to a ‘base’ or substrate which some plants gain their nutrients from. These plants come in various sizes from small (Duck Weed) to large (Salvinia). Most floating plants have roots that hang in the water, attached to the main ‘body’ of the plant.

Submerged plants are rooted beneath the surface and have most of their mass underwater. Featuring soft stems, these types of aquatic plants don’t often rise above the water, though they may be seen sticking out above the surface on occasion.

Emergent plants have roots and can often be found along a shoreline. These floating plants (Cattails) stand on the surface of the water, with stiff stems that hold them upright.

Are all aquatic plants bad?

No. There are many types of aquatic vegetation that do great things for your water quality and the health of any animals living in it. Our aquatic plant identification service will help you ensure that you’re only targeting and removing harmful plants.

Professional On-site Algae Testing

If you’re not sure about what type of algae you’re dealing with, our expert team are here for you. Our team are able to spot all types of algae. What’s more, is they’ll tell you exactly what treatment should be done to tackle the problem.

Our on-site algae testing service reveals within 20 seconds just how toxic your algae problem really is. Algae can be potentially harmful to humans and animals alike, so it’s best to identify what you’re dealing with fast so that treatment can begin promptly. With algal blooms, time really is of the essence.

Our algae testing services are unique to the market – no other provider delivers on-site algae identification and testing as we do at Aquatic Technologies.

While not intended as a substitute for laboratory testing, our algae testing offers instant readings that help our experts identify just how severe your aquatic algae problem is.

For greatest accuracy and in-depth readings of your water, several tests at various depths of your water body are recommended.

As Australia's leading supplier of aquatic plant & weed services we look forward to providing you with a tailored solution. Call us today on 03 9071 2442 to talk to our expert team.

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