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Aquatic water treatments

Aquatic Technologies manufacture, distribute and stock a wide range of science-backed products and the best pond cleaners for crystal clear water.

pH Correction

Bring your pH back to an optimal range by utilising our pH correction service.

Water Clarification

Give your water body a makeover by letting our team apply a flocculant solution to remove unwanted debris and sediment, leaving you with crystal clear water!

Aquatic Weed and Algae Suppressants

Suppress algal and aquatic weed growth as well as improve the appearance of your water body, just ask us how! Reduce nutrient loads and prevent the likelihood of algal blooms by letting our team treat your water body to give you long-lasting results!

Aquatic Weed and Algae Harvesting

Let our experts do all the manual labour for you so you can enjoy a pristine and healthy water body without lifting a finger!

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Stop that dam from leaking, clear up your murky water, get rid of harmful vegetation and breathe new life into your pond, dam, lake, lagoon and more.

Here at Aquatic Technologies, we offer a wide range of expert-led services and the latest science-backed prducts to combat all types of algae.

Dam sealers

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak provides a quick, safe and easy to apply method fo stopping leaks in irrigation and stock watering dams. It stops leaks in dams without the need to empty the dam of water or use large excavation equipment. It can be applied to full or partically full dams. The product is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It contains no Potassium like other brands and is the safest polymer sealant available. It does not matter whether your leak is from the base or the sides, Aquatic Dam Stop Leak will stop your leak.

  • Applied directly to the surface water
  • No need to empty or drain your dam
  • Can be applied generally or to a specific area
  • A long-lasting seal
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The safest polymer sealant on the market.

Colourant for lakes, ponds, dams, fountains & water features

Used for the suppression of all types of submerged aquatic plants & algae growth.

Aquatic Blue is the professional way to bring a natural blue appearance back to your lake, pond, dam, fountain, water feature and other water bodies. It is odorless, safe and provides an attractive, beautifying effect to natural or man-made lakes, ponds, dams, fountains, water features and other water bodies.

Aquatic Blue is a highly concentrated blend of colorants to color lakes, ponds, dams, fountains, water features and other water bodies, with a vibrant natural blue look, that is aesthetically pleasing.

All aquatic plants and algae need sunlight to grow. Sunlight is used by aquatic plants and algae for photosynthesis. By reducing the amount of light penetration into and through the water column, Aquatic Blue effectively reduces, suppresses and delays submerged aquatic plant and algae growth by inhibiting photosynthesis. Aquatic Blue is designed to screen the light rays which the aquatic plants and algae require for growth.

Mosquito control

Aquatain AMF is a silicone-based liquid specially formulated to only effect mosquitoes.

Treat mosquitoes at the source
Aquatain AMF prevents mosquitoes from breeding and kills existing pupae and larvae so you can enjoy an evening outside without the bzzz.

Aquatain AMF only needs to be applied once a month to keep your home free from mosquitoes! It is best applied to still or stagnant water bodies such as water tanks, pot plants, guttering, drains, ponds or dams.

  • Stop Mosquitoes Breeding in Water
  • Kills Mosquito Pupae and larvae in Water
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to apply