Lake Mower™ HD5000

Easy DIY Solution for Submerged and Emergent Weeds


Professional results at home

The Lake Mower™ by Aquatic Technologies is designed to cut through submerged and emergent aquatic vegetation. Get speedy results over large areas and keep your water body clear and healthy.
  • Instant results
  • Easy DIY solution
  • Professional Results
  • Removes Submerged and Emergent weeds with ease
  • Cuts through Cumbungi, Lily Pads, Reeds, Pond Weeds and more
  • Attaches to your boat
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Eradicate nuisance Aquatic Vegetation from the comfort of your boat!

The Lake Mower can be used on any body of water
Use on submerged or emergent weeds
Three cutting depths available: 1m, 1.6m or 2.2m
Attaches directly to your boat
Instant results

In A Snapshot

Lake Mower™

Cutting width: 1.2m

Cutting depth: can be varied by the adjustable collar up to 1m. Optional 60cm and 1.2m extenders are available


  • Covers a larger area faster
  • Mounts to the side or front of almost any small boat
  • 7 hours of operation when connected to a heavy duty 120 amp/hour deep cycle battery (battery not included)
  • Lake mower weighs 23.2kg
  • Compatible for easy storage
  • Cuts through Cumbungi/Bulrush with ease

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Lake Mower™ HD5000

The Lake Mower gives you the freedom and flexibility to cut and trim the areas you choose

  • Light-weight design: weighs 23.2kg
  • Vertical up/down, for deeper or shallower cut.
  • Swing through 90° on mounting bracket (vertical to horizontal position) to swing blades out of water, or to cut at an angle.
  • Rotate 360° in horizontal plane, to cut forward, backward or sideways.
  • Suitable for prolonged cutting
  • Easy and fun to operate

The Lake Mower is built to last

  • Robust aluminium and stainless steel construction, for long life
  • Self-sharpening cutting blades are made of heavy duty specialty steel
  • Quick disconnect allows easy “fold-up” for compact storage or easy transportation.
  • Special low power consumption, high efficiency motors
  • Tiller handle with safety on/off switch (height adjustable)
  • Custom bearing blocks, promoting smooth operation
  • Compact drive system