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Instantly remove string algae and debris from your water body with our Algae Skimmer.

String Algae in your Pond or Dam? Algae not only looks unattractive but can cause bad odours. Aquatic Algae Skimmers are perfect for small to medium sized water bodies where string algae is a nuisance.

Use as a replacement to Algaecides in sensitive water bodies to remove large amounts of string algae. Simply toss the Algae Skimmer into the water where there is algae growth and slowly pull it out. The fine mesh net gathers the algae for you and all you have to do is dispose of the algae it captures. All this can be done from the shore line. No need to get wet.

  • Instant results
  • Reuse time and time again
  • Simple and effective
  • Fine mesh prevents algae slipping out
  • Physically remove excess nutrient loads
  • Improves effectiveness of other treatments such as algaecide

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