Treating Azolla when fish are present

Q. We have Azolla in our dam, do you have a product that we can use to kill this and is still safe for fish?


Your best option would be to use an approved aquatic herbicide like our AQ200 and Wetting Agent to treat the Azolla.

When adhering to label dosages, AQ200 and Wetting Agent is safe to use with fish and aquatic wildlife. However, no aquatic treatment method is 100% safe for fish, so if their safety is absolutely critical (you own a fish farm or have sentimental fish) one of our other products might suit you. We offer Orange Oil, which is an organic weed control product, and Azolla skimmers for manual removal.

When using Orange Oil it is important to remove as much of the Azolla as possible using a skimmer and then be prepared to spray numerous times.

Orange Oil is 100% natural.

by Aquatic Technologies
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