How to ID a weed and remove it from dam

Q. This is a dam on property that is used for fishing and swimming – both have become hard now and gross because of the amount of weed. Can you identify the weed and how we can remove and keep it away?


It looks like the weed you’ve got is Zannichellia palustris, or a similar submerged pondweed.

However, you do have a significant amount of algae covering the weeds. It is important that this algae be treated with an aquatic algaecide like our Coptrol before applying any herbicide.

This will ensure that herbicides like our AQ200 can fully penetrate the algae barrier covering the weeds.

To prevent them from returning, installing aeration systems like the Half HP Fountain we offer is best. This is a common tool used in maintaining healthly waterbodies by addressing low oxygen levels or controlling algal blooms.

by Aquatic Technologies
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