How to eradicate Nardoo from Dam

Q. We want to identify this plant and eradicate it from our dam without chemicals that harm the frogs. we are currently cutting and raking but it seems to be growing back quicker than we can deal with it. please (HELP!) advise a further solution for us.


The weed you’ve got is Marsilea mutica, commonly known as Nardoo. Nardoo is both a floating weed and emergent weed because of the stems below the water surface.

The best method to get rid of Nardoo is using an approved aquatic algaecide like our AQ200. AQ200 is environmentally safe to use in drinking water, irrigation water, or water with aquatic wildlife. As long as the label dosages are adhered to, AQ200 is safe to use with frogs.

To order AQ200 for treating emergent weeds like Nardoo, please visit

Please note that water treated with AQ200 has a withholding period of 10-days.

To see our range of hand tools for mechanical weed removal, please click.

by Aquatic Technologies
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