How to remove Water Reeds mechanically

Q. I would like help removing a large amount of water reeds from our lake please. The lake is 6 acres, coverage is around 15%. Water is used for stock and recreational.


You have Water Reeds and we would recommend the Mobitrac service to cut these. It is important that you don’t let them overgrow as they become more resilient and harder to remove. So it is always best to remove the Water Reeds as quickly as possible and also as you have 15% coverage now, this will increase the longer they are left.

Looking at the coverage we would estimate 2-3 days of harvesting with our Mobitrac.

We do recommend a maintenance approach of removing smaller infestations of weeds more frequently.

With any weed it is important to carry out follow up treatments to reduce their regrowth. So we would advise that a further 3 days are booked for next year.

See our Mobitrac in action.

by Aquatic Technologies
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