Spring Maintenance for your Pond or Dam

Top 5 things to do in Spring

1. Clean any debris that has gathered on your water body.

2. If you regularly test your water that is great, but for those who have never thought about this, then Spring is the perfect time to get a water quality analysis. That way you can put in steps to stop Alage and Aquatic weeds from taking over.

3. Erosion, yes you may not see this initally but ensure you fully check around the water shoreline. This is easily fixed when spotted early.
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4. Yes, Aeration – it isn’t too late to put in an Aeration Fountain so that as the water temperature rises you are mixing the cooler water with the warmer water.
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5. Algae supressants are a great way to stop that algae from returning. Just set and forget.
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by Aquatic Technologies
If you have any questions regarding looking after your dam or pond and what products are the most suitable for your situation, please read through the helpful articles on our site or feel free to contact our friendly team who can help you maintain proper health in your water body year round.
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