How To Choose An Aeration Fountain

Q. How do we choose an aeration fountain?

The right aeration fountain will depend on the surface area and average depth of your water body.

How will an aeration fountain benefit my water body?

The aeration fountains work by aerating and circulating oxygen throughout the water body which can have several benefits for it:

  • Increased concentration of oxygen in the water
  • Toxic gases that are trapped in the colder, lower levels are able to escape
  • Provides a balanced habitat and promotes good fish health
  • Improves water clarity
  • Enhances the overall health of the water body
  • Acts as a water feature to visually improve your water body

Which aeration feature is better suited for my water body?

The aeration fountains come in different sizes or power capacities, ranging from 0.5 to 7.5 horsepower (HP). The size of the fountain determines the volume of water it can aerate. If you are swimming in your water body, you will need to temporarily remove the fountain for safety reasons.

Choosing the right aeration fountain based on surface area:

Just over half an acre

The 1HP Fusion Series Aeration Fountain is better suited to a slightly larger water body, it is able to aerate just over half an acre of water. It would be right for your water body given it is greater than 0.82 m deep.

An acre

The 2HP Fusion Series Aeration Fountain is able to aerate up to an acre or 4,050 square metres and up to 3 m in depth. Due to the size of the fountains, they have a minimum operating depth of 0.96 m. This 2 HP model would be better suited in a backyard pond.

The Select Series II 2HP Aeration Fountain model can also aerate up to an acre or 4,050 square metres of water, it requires water bodies greater than 1.1 m deep to operate. Compared to the other 2 HP fountain, the select series has a lockable control box with twin motor and light timers that makes it better suited for commercial purposes.

For water bodies over an acre:

If you have a larger water body either the Select Series II – 5HP Aerating Fountain or the Select Series II – 7.5HP Aerating Fountain are recommended, they are both able to aerate large volumes of water. The 5 HP model has a minimum operating depth of 1.1 m whilst the 7.5 HP model requires a 1.2 m depth.

If you also want to use these aerating fountains as a stunning water feature, you have the option to chose a spray pattern and add some LED lights to it.

If you are frequently swimming in your water body and don’t want to constantly remove the fountain, perhaps a submerged aerator will be better for you.

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