Algae Be Gone!

Barley Straw has been prolific in algae control for decades and can be traced all the way back to the pre-industrial era in Europe, when farming and agriculture prevailed.

Barley Straw Bales:  Slow releasing but long lasting

How does Barley Straw work?

When barley straw bales are placed in water, they begin to decompose. This process of decomposition releases phenolic compounds: these compounds have a natural signature like that of hydrogen peroxide. It is these natural compounds that are believed to be the factor which give barley straw its natural ability to limit new growth of algae.

When should Barley Straw Bales be used?

The best time to begin using Barley Straw Bales is in winter. Algae growth is already at a minimum, and this will allow you to get a head start on your algae control through summer.

The bales slowly break down, beginning to take affect around the 6-week
mark and will give between 4-6 months’ worth of protection before needing to swap the bale out for a new one.

To ensure there is no gap between control, place the new bales into the water 4 weeks before removing the old ones.

Barley Straw Bales are available in an array of sizes, suitable for ponds up to large dams.

Barley Straw ExtractQuick acting but short lived

How does Barley Straw Extract work?

Barley Straw Extract is a concentrated brew from the decomposing bales. It works the same except for one nifty little trick; it begins to act instantly. Easily apply by simply measuring out the required dose and pouring it in to the water body to be treated.

When should Barley Straw Extract be used?

Barley Straw Extract is best applied at the first signs of algae. It is fast-acting and will quickly suppress new algal growth. Barley Straw Extract is a great addition to your water health regime. A maintenance dose can be applied
every two weeks to ensure the algae remains suppressed.

Barley Straw Extract is also great to use in conjunction with the Bales. Simply use the Extract during the first 8 weeks to ensure overlap and to keep your water free from algal overgrowth.

Barley Straw Extract is best suited to smaller water bodies such as outdoor water features, enclosed water tanks, ponds and small dams.


Barley Straw Pellets: Small and Powerful

How do Barley Straw Pellets work?

Barley Straw Pellets are used in a similar manner as Barley Straw Bales. Simply tie down at the surface near flowing water (e.g. filter) and let the pellets work their magic. They will last about a month before they’ll need replacing.

When should Barley Straw Pellets be used?

Barley Straw Pellets are best applied before any sign of algae has appeared. Pellets are best suited to fish tanks, outdoor fish ponds and small ponds.

Barley Straw Extract Aquarium StrengthFish Tank Warrior

How does Aquarium Strength work?

Aquarium Strength is a super concentrated version of Barley Straw Extract.

When should Aquarium Strength be used?

Aquarium Strength is best applied at the first signs of algae. It is designed for use in fish tanks so you can use a minimal amount but see a powerful outcome.

It can be used in conjunction with Barley Straw Pellets to fast track the suppression of existing algae.

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