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Aquatain AMF

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Be mosquito free this breeding season with Aquatain AMF! Simply apply to your pond, dam or lake to kill larvae and prevent mosquitos from returning!

  • Prevents adult mosquitoes from laying eggs
  • Mosquito pupae die within two hours
  • Mosquito larvae die within two days
  • Easy to apply

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Aquatain AMF Mosquito Killer

How to kill mosquito larvae? It’s easy with Aquatain!

This non-toxic product creates a thin layer on the surface of ponds, dams, lakes and more, that disrupts the mosquito lifecycle by targeting the early stages of growth.

Perfect to be used on any body of water where mosquitoes breed, Aquatain AMF works effectively via a physical reaction – not a chemical one. Free of toxic chemicals and easy to use, this product is a no-brainer if you’re trying to control mosquito populations in your area.

How does it work?

Simply put, Aquatain AMF works by creating a silicone-based liquid barrier which spreads across the water’s surface. This liquid layer kills mosquito larvae and pupae – cutting their lifecycle short and avoiding infestations of fully-grown mosquitoes.

The silicone-based layer causes mosquito larvae to die due to a lack of oxygen. What’s more, is this barrier also stops adult mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the water.

This means that…

– Mosquito pupae die within two hours

– Mosquito larvae die within two days

– It prevents adult mosquitoes from laying eggs and disrupts their life cycle for up to 30 days. Repeated application is recommended every four weeks

How To Use

How to Use

No spray equipment required!

Aquatain AMF spreads around aquatic vegetation to completely cover the water’s surface. This forms a long-lasting barrier against mosquitoes.



  • Mosquito’s breeding in water


Is Aquatain Liquid Mosquito Killer safe for use in water that horses, dogs and sheep drink from?

Yes, the AMF Mosquito Liquid is fine to use with stock. There is no withholding period necessary.

Where do mosquitoes breed?

Mosquitoes need stagnant or still water to lay their eggs and for their young to successfully hatch and mature. Aquatain AMF provides a thin barrier over the surface of the water, preventing the mosquitoes from laying their eggs as well as stopping the larvae and pupa from breaching the surface, thus disrupting the life cycle of mosquitoes and keeping your home mosquito free!

You may also be interested in providing aeration to your water body to not only further prevent the likelihood of breeding mosquitoes, but to also improve the overall quality and health of your water. Click here to see our fountain and aeration range.

How does Aquatain AMF work?

Aquatain AMF covers a very thin layer over the surface of your water body. This harmless silicone-based layer will prevent adult mosquitoes from laying their eggs as they can feel the tension of the water is not suitable. It also prevents mosquito larvae and pupa from gaining access to oxygen as they must breach the surface of the water to breathe.

This results in:   -pupa death within two hours

                                -larvae death within two days

                                -prevents adult mosquitoes from laying their eggs for up to 30 days


Safe For

Safe For

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