Aquatic Clear Drop 20kg treats 500,000L

Aquatic Clear Drop 20kg treats 500,000L


Revolutionise your pond or dam from an unpleasant murk to crystal clear waters with Aquatic Clear Drop.

  • Turns murky water clear
  • Fast-acting in just 24-36 hours
  • Cost-effective
  • 20kg treats 500,000L


Aquatic Clear Drop: Clearer water in just 24-36 hours!

20kg treats 500,000L

This easy-to-apply product is made for clearing up murky water in dams, ponds, lakes and more.

Aquatic Clear Drop lets you achieve that crystal-clear water you’re after in a way that’s fast-acting and cost-effective.

Aquatic Clear Drop is a granular flocculant – that’s something that promotes particles in water to clump together.

Aquatic Clear Drop is ideal for still/non-turbulent waterbodies.

Granules – Used for larger water bodies such as Ponds, Lakes and Dams.

How does it work?

Flocculant products work by assisting the removal of organic matter and microscopic organisms from water – these are what make your water murky, to begin with. Aquatic Clear Drop, as easy to spread granules, works just in this way. Gathering everything that’s polluting your water and letting it sink to the bottom, this product offers the fast-track fix to getting that crystal-clear water you’re after.

Why is murky water bad for your pond?

  • It blocks filtration systems
  • It affects your water quality, creating health and safety hazards
  • Makes your pond look dull and dirty
  • Fish and other organisms may suffer health effects

Ways to manage turbidity in a dam:

  • Minimise wave action – harden dam edges by laying geofabric, stone, sand or establish runner grasses up to the edge of the water. Consider strategically planting trees to minimise prevailing wind impact.
  • Spillway maintenance – Good, hardy vegetation will help manage and guide the spillway back to the drainage line. Vegetation can also prevent erosion.
  • Stock traffic damage – Stock tend to follow the same path to and from a water source. You can manage their impact by routing them to a select pathway, fencing off restricted areas, alternating stock routes, installing a reticulation system and planting vegetation such as grass.
  • Aeration – see our aeration range

How To Use

How to Use





  • Dissolved mud/clay/silt
  • Decaying organic matter in water
  • Free-floating microorganisms including bacteria and algae


Why should I use Aquatic Clear Drop?

Highly turbid water is unsafe to swim in as it greatly reduces water clarity and visibility, it is unpleasant for livestock to drink from water that contains a lot of sediment, turbid water can cause blockages in your pipes and not to mention makes the water unsightly. By using Aquatic Clear Drop, it improves the clarity and quality of your water!


Safe For

Safe For

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