Summer Maintenance for your Pond or Dam

Top 5 things to do for your dam in Summer

  1. Ensure you have no leaks in your pond or dam, water loss in Summer is when water either evaporates or you find you have a leak. See our posts on Water Evaporation & 9 Reasons why a Dam dries up.
  2. The hotter months, bring out the best of aquatic algae and aquatic weeds – act early to avoid a summer of unrelenting outbreaks of
    algae and aquatic weeds. See our posts on aquatic algae and aquatic weeds: DuckweedSalviniaFree Floating PlantsAlgae in fish pondAlgae winter prevention for summer gainsAlgae and fishAlgae.
  3. Stagnant water can become a mosquito breeding ground – ensure your pond or dam water is aerated. See our post on how to prevent mosquitos.
  4. Smelly water isn’t pleasant and it needs to be dealt with. See our post on what causes smelly water.
    Organise a water test – this will help highlight any irregularities in your water.
by Aquatic Technologies
If you have any questions regarding looking after your dam or pond and what products are the most suitable for your situation, please read through the helpful articles on our site or feel free to contact our friendly team who can help you maintain proper health in your water body year round.
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