How to get rid of algae in fish pond

Q. How do I get rid of algae that grows in our fish pond?


That is quite an advanced algal bloom which will need something strong to correct it.

I suggest treating with Coptrol Aquatic Algaecide. When fish are present, Coptrol is applied slightly differently to a regular application to account for the loss of oxygen as the algae dies.

Before treating with Coptrol please ensure your total water hardness is above 50ppm and your water temperature is at least 16 degrees Celsius.

For waterbodies with fish we recommend to apply the total amount of Coptrol across 3 applications with 10-15 days between each application.

Use the following formula to work out how much Coptrol you should apply per treatment:

Coptrol mL = ((YOUR POND VOLUME/1000) x2) /3

Or use our online calculator

I suggest once you have the algal bloom under control you use Barley Straw on a regular basis to prevent another algal bloom.

by Aquatic Technologies
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