Water Evaporation and how to stop it

Q. Our water is evaporating really quickly, how do we stop this?


If your water body is quickly losing water and you don’t have any obvious leaks, then evaporation is likely the cause.

As we approach the warmer summer months, the water’s temperature will start to heat up causing the water to evaporate into the air more quickly. In these conditions, each square metre of your water body’s surface can lose up to 8 litres every day. This can impact your water body by increasing the salinity of the water and possibly drying it out.

One of the solutions:

Aquafilm works by creating a silicon based film across the surface of the water. This slows the rate of evaporation and prevents water being lost as water vapour. Aquafilm can reduce the rate of evaporation by up to 50% and easily spreads across the surface.

The product has the added bonus of polishing the surface of the water, improving the visual appeal whilst reducing evaporation.

How much Aquafilm will I need to supply?

Aquafilm is applied at a rate of 100 mL for every 100 m²of surface area as required.

How safe is Aquafilm?

The product is safe to use for drinking water, swimming, stock, fish, aquatic plants and irrigation.

Another solution is Aquatic Blue

Aquatic Blue is an alternative treatment that also reduces evaporation as well as controlling algae and aquatic weeds. It is a vibrant blue dye that reflects UV light reducing the amount of light as water vapour to evaporation. The bright blue dye can also improve the visual appeal of your water body.

How much Aquatic Blue will I need to apply?

The product is applied at a rate of 7.5L per 1000L of water in ponds with a maximum depth of 1m whilst dams and lakes require 5L per 2ML of water. It is a long lasting product, only needing reapplication every 4-6 months.

How much Aquatic Blue will I need to apply?

Whilst it is a dye, it will not dye swimmers, pets, or rocks in the water when diluted. It is safe for swimming, drinking water, stock, fish, aquatic plants and irrigation.

Aquatic Blue
Aquatic Blue
by Aquatic Technologies
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