Aquatic Blue - Colourant for Lakes, Ponds, Dams, Fountains & Water Features and Reduce UV Light Penetration

  • Fast Acting
  • Long Lasting
  • Visually enhances the water body
  • Turns water blue
  • May help improve fish health
  • Reduces UV Light Penetration through the water
  • Improves overall water quality
  • Anti-foaming agent - use in water features

Improving the appearance of your pond has never been easier

With Aquatic blue, you can refresh the colour of your water and limit the amount of UV Light

Reduce UV light penetration
Aquatic Blue works by restricting the penetration of UV rays into the water column, without light some aquatic weeds and algae are not able to photosynthesise and grow. Aquatic blue filters the sun's rays reducing the amount of UV light present in the water body. The reduction of light may hinder aquatic weeds and algal growth.

Why is colder water better?
Cooler water is able to hold more dissolved oxygen as the molecules have a lower kinetic energy (they move less) and can become more tightly packed, therefore more oxygen molecules are able to fit in one space.
More dissolved oxygen = more oxygen for aerobic organisms like beneficial bacteria that break down ‘nasties’ in your water body, leaving you with cleaner, healthier water. Cleaner water leads to healthier fish and other aquatic life.

Other benefits
Aquatic Blue can make it harder for unwanted predators to see fish, thereby helping to protect your fish from predation.

Aquatic Blue may also assist in limiting pH-level fluctuations in water. Limiting light may help reduce the risk of phytoplankton blooms. A high level of phytoplankton can cause abnormalities in the pH-levels of your water, which can be problematic.

Visually pleasing – Aquatic Blue gives your water a gorgeous blue hue that is simply divine to look at.

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