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Aquatic Blue™ Eco 200L

Amaze and impress by transforming your dull Dam or Lake into a stunning and vibrant blue with Aquatic Blue Eco.

  • Turns brown water blue
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Compatible with other water treatment products
  • Contains antifoaming agents – ideal for fountains and water features

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Aquatic Blue Eco

If you want to freshen up your water and give it a gorgeous deep blue colour – Aquatic Blue Eco is the way to go.

One of the longest-lasting products on the market today, this aquatic dye is easy to apply and disperses evenly into your water without added effort. Perfect for dams, lakes, fountains and even water features alike, this aquatic dye is safe for humans, fish, livestock and pets alike.

This product is odourless and gives your water a pristine blue hue that lasts for longer. A super-concentrated blend of colourants, Aquatic Blue Eco is highly effective but will not stain anyone swimming in the treated water.

Made with dispersants that let the dye distribute evenly throughout the water, you can forget about clumps of dye collecting at the bottom.

Why choose Aquatic Blue Eco?

  • Long-lasting natural blue colour
  • Easy to use
  • Highly concentrated
  • Anti-foaming agent – ideal for fountains and water features
  • Will not stain swimmers
  • Compatible with chelated copper algaecides such as Coptrol and most other chemicals used in the aquatic environment

How To Use

How to Use



  • Colourant for lakes, ponds, dams, fountains & water features


How long does pond dye last?

Aquatic Blue Eco is one of the longest lasting products of its type on the market. As a colourant it can be re applied as required to maintain your desired look.

Aquatic Blue Eco can be applied at greater application frequencies, to obtain your desired look and colour.

What are the benefits of using Aquatic Blue Eco?

Aquatic Blue Eco gives your water body that fresh and eye capturing deep blue colour. It is simple and easy to use and does not harm any aquatic life and is safe to swim in!


Safe For

Safe For

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