Azolla and Salvinia Skimmer 152cm

Azolla and Salvinia Skimmer 152cm


The safe way to instantly remove Azolla and Salvinia from your Pond or Dam.

  • Instant Azolla and Salvinia removal
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use

*PLEASE NOTE: due to the size of this product, shipping is via courier and cannot be delivered to PO Boxes

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Our Skimmer is made for the quick and easy removal of Azolla and Salvinia directly from the surface of the water, this handy pond skimmer is designed with a tailored mesh for effective cleaning.

Why physical removal?
Make short work of clearing up free-floating Azolla and Salvinia weeds in ponds, lakes, dams and more! The physical removal of these weeds can do wonders for your water – even partial removal can increase the effectiveness of any concentrates or weed-killers you’re using. Speed up the treatment process and give new life to your water with the Azolla & Salvinia Skimmer. When free-floating weeds are physically removed from the surface of your water, this decreases the prevalence of future blooms by decreasing nutrient densities in the water. Nutrient-rich water lets aquatic vegetation thrive, meaning you might experience more infestations of unwanted weeds and algae. Make your pond look great and freshen up your water with the help of the Azolla & Salvinia Skimmer.

Click to view the 95cm Skimmer Please Note – Colour of mesh may vary

How To Use

How to Use Perfect for ponds, dams and lakes, this handy skimmer clears a path in your water by skimming free-floating surface weeds and vegetation. Easy to use and totally safe, this skimmer also captures the weeds you’ve skimmed. When you lift it out of the water, it traps what you’ve caught so you can easily dispose of what you’ve removed from your water.



  • Azolla
  • Salvinia


Does this skimmer come ready to use?

Yes, the Azolla and Salvinia Skimmer comes already assembled and ready to use. All you have to do is remove it from the packaging!

How do I store the skimmer?

Our Azolla and Salvinia Skimmer conveniently compacts when not in use. Easily store in your garage or shed. We recommend letting the skimmer air dry before putting away.



Safe For

Safe For

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