Duck Weed Skimmer 100cm

Duck Weed Skimmer 100cm


Instantly and easily remove Duckweed from your Pond or Dam.

  • Instant Duckweed removal
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use


The Duckweed Skimmer by Aquatic Technologies is handcrafted to easily collect free-floating Duckweed from the surfaces of lakes, dams, ponds and more. Designed with a specific mesh that’s sized up for Duckweed specially, you can’t go wrong with this super simple pond skimmer.

Why remove Duckweed? The benefits are many…

Physical removal of Duckweed from your water can increase the effectiveness of other aquatic weed control products you’re using, like Surface Clear Spray. Removing Duckweed from your pond or lake can also decrease the nutrient load present in your water – the lower the nutrient density, the less likely it is that you’ll experience reoccurring infestations.

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Please Note – Colour of mesh may vary

How To Use

How to Use

Simply throw the netting into the water, slowly pull it back with the rope attached, and that’s it. You can dispose of your collected Duckweed immediately.

This lightweight skimmer clears a path, gathering weeds when you drag it through the water. With each sweep, you’re not only moving but also capturing free-floating Duckweed. When you lift it out of the water, it traps what you’ve collected for easy disposal.



  • Duckweed


Does this skimmer come ready to use?

Yes, the Duckweed Skimmer comes already assembled and ready to use. All you have to do is remove it from the packaging!

How do I store the skimmer?

Our Duck Weed Skimmer conveniently compacts when not in use. Easily store in your garage or shed. We recommend letting the skimmer air dry before putting away.



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