How to use Winter for an algae free Summer

Q. How can I best use Winter to make sure I have an algae free Summer?


We can suggest several preventative measures to reduce algae in your water body such as aerators, barley straw, nutrient reduction and ultrasonic treatment to prepare you for the summer ahead.

Why should I care about algae?

An algae bloom in your water body can have many adverse effects:

  • Prevents light entering the water column
  • Depletes oxygen concentration impacting aquatic life
  • Some algae release toxins that can cause serious illness in humans, livestock and pets
  • Other algae can block pumps, filters and pipes.

How do preventative treatments work?

The preventative treatment aims to suppress the amount of algae and their food source in the water during the colder months to limit their growth once we reach the warmer months.

What are some of my treatment options?

Barley Straw

Aquatic Barley Straw Bales are long lasting and can provide up to 6 months of control against all types of algae.  Barley straw works best if its applied to a water body before the algae appears and is used as an ongoing measure to inhibit algal growth. Additionally, application is as easy as placing the bale into your water body.

Phoslock (nutrient reduction)

Phoslock works by reducing the total phosphorous in your water body which is an essential nutrient for algal growth. Phoslock acts quickly to improve water quality and is safe to use around humans, aquatic plants and fish.  This treatment only requires a single treatment but is more effective and longer lasting in an aerated water body.


The inclusion of an aeration system into your water body can greatly reduce the likelihood of algal blooms. By increasing the oxygen levels in the water, it will improve the overall health of the water body and prevent the accumulation of algae. The benefits of an aerator can be experienced year round once its has been placed into the water.


Ultrasonic technology is a long term treatment that can eliminate algae in your water body. The device emits ultrasonic sounds waves that suppress new algal growths and kills problem algae. It is an extremely efficient and safe to use method of controlling algae in your water body. This is generally better suited for commercial water bodies rather than backyard ponds.

by Aquatic Technologies
If you have any questions regarding looking after your dam or pond and what products are the most suitable for your situation, please read through the helpful articles on our site or feel free to contact our friendly team who can help you maintain proper health in your water body year round.
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