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Fountains & Aeration

Aquatic Technologies have an extensive range of fountains and aeration systems
to suit all types and sizes of ponds, dams, lakes and water bodies


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Here at Aquatic Technologies, we are the exclusive Australian distributor of the Aqua Control (USA) range of decorative fountains, functional aeration fountains, submerged aeration systems and aeration and surface mixers.

Evolution Half HP Fountains
Suitable for water bodies up to 2,050cm²

Solar Half HP Fountain
Suitable for water bodies up to 2,050cm²

Fusion Series 1HP & 2HP Fountains
Suitable for water bodies up to 2,050cm² & 4,050cm²

Select Series II 2HP Fountains
Suitable for water bodies over 2,050cm²

Select Series II 5HP &
7HP Fountains
Suitable for larger water bodies

Surface Mixers and Aeration Units

Submerged Aeration Systems
Services from 350cm² to 18,300cm²

Fountain Accessories

Benefits of Aeration

Fusion Super Lily Twist

Dissolved oxygen (DO) is one of the most important indicators of water quality. A well oxygenated water body will greatly reduce the likelihood of algal blooms. Dissolved oxygen is essential for the survival of fish and other aquatic organisms. Introducing an aerator into your water body will normalise aquatic plant growth and improve water clarity.

Aerators can be applied to a wide variety of water bodies including:

Ponds, Dams, Lakes, Golf Courses, Waste-Water Treatment, Irrigation Dams and many more.

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