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Algae Master™

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For the complete solution to coagulate algae and remove Phosphorus to prevent it from returning

        • Removes microalgae from its photosynthetic range by coagulation
        • Removes other suspended particles, clearing the water column
        • Removes excess Phosphorus
        • Safe
        • Suitable for water bodies (including where fish are present, wildlife swim and livestock drink)



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Algae Master works by coating the algae and dragging it out of its photosynthetic range where the algae will be starved of light and broken down. Not only does Algae Master target algae, it also removes other suspended particles such as clay, silt and phosphorus.

Where does it work?
Algae Master can be used where fish are present, wildlife swims and livestock drink. Used in fish ponds, pond and dams.

What is Algae Master?
It is a concentrated liquid and forms a coating around suspended particles as well as locking up Phosphorus.

How long does it take to work?
Algae Master has shown results in as little as 24 hours.

Is Algae master safe?
Algae Master is safe to use in most water bodies.

How To Use

How to Use: When used in accordance with the label directions

Methods of Applying Algae Master: Use a course nozzle and/or remove filter from your spray unit.
For smaller applications – dilute recommended amount of Algae Master in a bucket of water and tip evenly around the water body.

Application Rates


Algae Master may assist with: Microalgae and some filamentous algae, cloudy/turbid water and excess Phosphorus. .


Is Algae Master Safe to use around fish?

Yes, Algae Master is safe to use around fish, aquatic plants and other wildlife.

Can I use Algae Master where Livestock drink?

Yes, you can apply Algae Master to dams where Livestock drink.

What is the pH range of Algae Master?

The optimum pH range of Algae Master is 5.5 – 8.

How does Algae Master Work?

Algae Master works by coating the algae and dragging it out of its photosynthetic range where the algae will be starved and broken down, it also removes suspended particles such as clay and silt as well as phosphorus (the algae’s food source). .


Safe For

Algae Master is safe in and around water bodies with the following uses: Algae Master Safety Icons

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