Scum on Water Surface

Q. Looking for something to suitably skim the top surface of our lake capturing the scum that sits on the surface.


Our duckweed skimmer is ideal for skimming algae and similar scums on the surface of water.

Our Skimmers instantly remove scum, compact, lightweight and easy to use.  Simply throw the netting into the water, slowly pull it back with the rope attached, and that’s it. You don’t even need to get into the water.

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To reduce the likelihood of these mats appearing again in future, our Surface Clear is a good option. Surface Clear works very well with our skimmers to ensure that water is free of floating debris and scums.

Once applied it forms a protective layer on the water’s surface. This protective layer affects the surface tension of water by creating a silicone barrier, whis pourable solution will hlep to prevent the recurrence of new free floating aquatic matter by stopping it from floating – providing the peace of mind you need to ensuring your water surface stays as clear as possible.

It is also safe for fish, aquatic life, stock, irrigation, swimming & pets.

See more about Surface Clear.

by Aquatic Technologies
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