Removing muck on bottom of pond/dam

Q. I have muck on the bottom of my pond/dam and it doesn’t look great, what can I do?


Muck Breaker is a great product for this. It contains a mixture of special bacteria that breakdown organic matter and other sources of muck, including algae’s main food source. Once the muck is digested by the bacteria it is released as a safe and odourless gas.

What causes Muck on the bottom of my dam?

Muck on the bottom of your pond/dam is a build-up of decaying/rotting organic matter (i.e leaves, twigs, grass clipping and fish and other animal waste).

How is Muck Breaker applied?

Muck Breaker comes in easy to apply pucks. They are applied by hand evenly over the treatment area. They come in packs of 24 or 96 tablets and are applied at a rate of 4 tablets per 1,000m2

How oftern should I apply Muck breaker?

Muck Breaker is applied every 2 weeks, until the desired clarity is restored.

What can I do to improve the Muck issues faster?

For faster results use Muck Breaker in conjunction with Muck Razer.

by Aquatic Technologies
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